What Your Show Bag Says About You

By Jessica Pridmore
9th Aug 2016

what your Ekka show bag says about you

We’ve all almost certainly been putting away a dollar a day into our dolomite accounts to spend up big at the Ekka Show Bag Pavilion this year, right? And with Ekka mania in full swing, we’re asking ourselves the really tough question; what show bag will I spend my hard earned monies on this year? 

Your choice, it turns out, can say an awful lot about your true personality. Curious? Here’s what your show bag says about you: 

Bertie Beetle Show Bag

You’re an avid collector of reserve bank coins, think Susan Boyle’s performance on Britain’s Got Talent was ‘hypnotic’, and you have a penchant for sleeveless vests. If you had to visit one place before you died, it would be Canberra.

My Kitchen Rules Show Bag

Your spirit animal would be a Labrador (you don’t relate to anything overtly fancy), and you always carry a packet of tissues in your handbag. MKR’s Manu is your secret man crush, and hope to god he’s in the Show Bag Pavilion to autograph your chest.

Emma The Wiggle Show Bag

You describe yourself as happy-go-lucky, and strongly believe in the power of crystals. Your plan is to wear the yellow Wiggle bow to a speed dating event later tonight at The Caxton, where you hope to meet the Aussie version of Spencer Pratt.

Angry Birds Show Bag

You still live at home and drink Sunny D for its vitamin C content, but only on weekends as it makes your heart beat ‘all funny’. Your parents will confiscate all but the plush toys from your show bags, to protect the general public from your impending sugar rush.

Twisties Show Bag

Your knowledge about Korean beauty products and K-Pop is unrivalled, and you don’t leave the house without your pet pug, Norman. Tucking in to a Twistie is how you get your rocks off, so spare the ooh-ing and ahh-ing until you’re out of the gates. There’s kids around!

Mars Bar Show Bag

Your dream was to become an astronaut when you grew up, but you currently work as a bank teller for one of the top four. You’re scared of heights, crowds, and detest children under 5, but decided to come along to this year’s Ekka because your boss gave you a free double pass, and you wanted to catch the sheep dog time trials.

Marie Claire Show Bag

If pushed, you could name every contestant ever on Survivor. You like to snack on granola bars and are super excited about the beauty freebies in your show bag, which you’ll slather liberally across your face before spending the evening lining up shots at the Stockmen's Bar & Grill.

Can't see your fave show bag above? Check out the Ekka's full range of show bags in the Show Bag Pavillion, and start making your wish list now!

Image credit: Ekka

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