Where To Get A Breakfast Burger In Brisbane

By Sophia McMeekin
10th Mar 2017

best breakfast burgers Brisbane

We’re still a few decades away from time travel (at least) but I have a feeling that humanity peaked when we discovered the breakfast burger. A feat of convenience, this microcosm of a semi-English requires no cutlery so you can eat it with one hand and steady a bucket/work the remote/ride the whip with the other. It’s the antidote to all mornings whether you’re hungover or just hungry, and I truly believe it has the power to change the world.

And yes, technically any burger can be a breakfast burger if you eat it before lunch, but the spirit of a brekky burg defies Eastern Standard and Greenwich Mean. The tasty elements of a loaded breakfast plate tucked inside a bready cocoon takes us to such heights of pleasure that we’re lobbying to make it staple of all important mealtimes: breakfast, brunch and brinner.

Buckle up, kids, here’s where to get breakfast burgers in Brisbane:

  1. The secret ingredient in Merriweather Café’s bacon, tomato and rocket burger is their homemade BBQ sauce. Add an egg for the full breakfast experience, and avocado to crank it up a notch. 
  2. Nodo’s health conscious breakfast burg features Sun Valley free range bacon, avocado, egg, cashew mayo, crispy onions and tomato relish on a quinoa bun. It also happens to be gluten, dairy and sugar free. 
  3. The Roastery’s got a breakfast roll that does a quick little whip around the bacon, fried egg and Swiss cheese finished off with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. 
  4. Pride of West End, Morning After have built their fame on a gourmet iteration of the McMuffin, the universal companion for a rude morning. Served with a hash brown because they care. 
  5. The entire breakfast menu at Ben’s Burgers is burgers (fittingly) and our favourite is the bacon and egg guy with cheese and special sauce. 
  6. Republic Coffee Traders’ contribution is a fried egg, streaky bacon, pickles, HP sauce and rocket on a squishy brioche bun. 
  7. The Good Morning burger at Let Minnow is a glorious compilation of fried egg, bacon, rocket and cheddar with the house aioli and house relish on brioche, made ever more glorious by the optional addition of truffle parmesan rostis.  
  8. The Smug Fig gets around the fundamentals of a breakfast burger with shortcut bacon, fried egg and cheese with BBQ sauce, but they also sneak in cheeky potato hash because they care. 
  9. Lady Marmalade amps up their bacon, egg and cheese burger with some homemade allspice relish, just to give your morning some zing. 
  10. The APO’s breakfast burger is more of a brunch thing, especially if you heed the serving suggestion and have yours with a Bloody Mary. 
  11. When it comes to breakfast burgers, Miss Kay’s keeps it simple with a bacon and egg burger (exactly what it sounds like), then complicates things with a Sausage Party Burger (two pork chipolatas, American cheese and egg on an English muffin) and then just goes nuts with the Big Brekkie Burger (beef patty, bacon, hash brown, egg and cheese with relish). 
  12. Best known for dialing up the sass on breakfast staples, Kin + Co’s breakfast burger features maple bacon, a sunny side egg, caramelised onion, tomato, spinach and gruyere with a tangy lemon mayonnaise. 
  13. Paddington’s English-style pub is doing brunch and front and center in our line of attack is Hope and Anchor’s brunch burger, guaranteed to please. 
  14. Wynnum favourite Florence Street Coffee does a badass breakfast burger with a big ole rash of bacon, a fried egg and your choice of condiments  (all made in house). 
  15. Hit up Lokal and Co for a bacon, egg and spinach breakfast roll on brioche and brimming with house BBQ sauce. 
  16. Lucky Duck Cafe takes the idea of a one-handed full English a step further and slams their bacon, egg and cheese betwixt an English muffin. 
  17. Scout Café’s breakfast bagel has attained honourary burger status due to its widespread deference and the all-round delightfulness of Kaiserfleisch bacon, egg, rocket and love. 

Miss Kay's | Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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