You Know You’re A Brisbanite When…

By Catherine Blake
16th May 2016

You’ve moved to the city, set up house in the inner suburbs, married a local, had a few kids and enrolled them in school, but can you really call yourself a Brisbanite?

You were born within the city limits and grew up in the same. You’ve been everywhere and done everything this thriving metropolis has to offer, but does that a Brisbanite make?

Barring a full psychiatric assessment, you know you’re a Brisbanite when…

  1. Everyone you know also knows each other.
  2. You consider 16°C as the dead of winter.
  3. Jealousy of the southern states is restricted to their shopping selection and nothing more.
  4. The Suncorp Stadium game schedule is saved in your favourites (especially if you live in Paddington).
  5. A 40°C heatwave is no object to setting the Christmas pudding on fire.
  6. Jacaranda is your favourite shade of purple.
  7. ‘Mango’ has its own segment of the food pyramid.
  8. Which school you went to follows you around for life.
  9. The idea of living more than two hours’ drive from the beach is utterly ludicrous.
  10. Magpies are your mortal enemy.
  11. Ditto ibises #givemebackmysandwich.
  12. Ditto anyone residing on the other side of the river to you.
  13. You’re perfectly willing to spend 50 minutes in traffic for the most authentic Vietnamese.
  14. The fact that everywhere is closed and it’s only 9pm is not at all surprising.
  15. The Hungry Jack’s on Queen Street Mall is the most sensible and obvious emergency assembly point. For any emergency.
  16. You refer to your local member by their nickname.
  17. Tropical thunderstorm? Tropical schmunderstorm…
  18. Keeping your goon bag in the basket of your City Cycle is the safest place for it.

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