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An Immersive Zombie Apocalypse Is Coming To Brisbane!

By Shannon Coward
16th Oct 2017


It’s no secret that the world’s been a little bit in love with the idea of a zombie apocalypse since the release of The Walking Dead back in 2010. But whether you’re in the camp of stockpiling cans of Heinz’s spaghetti (the real taste of our childhoods) or shudder at the mere thought of zombies (guilty), we’re convinced you can get behind the idea of Containment, Brisbane’s very own immersive zombie apocalypse experience!

Brought to you by the legends over at Directors of the Extraordinary, the minds behind Escape Hunt Brisbane—Brisbane’s largest escape-the-room game—Containment will be taking over the Brisbane Powerhouse from the 18th of October until the 29th. Inspired by a plethora of TV shows and films, Containment will combine adventure gaming, theatre, advanced technology and world creation to create a spooky AF game that will leave you wanting more—if you escape alive. Cue the villainous laughter.

Think detailed sets, live actors and the chance for you to control the story of your adventure through every decision you make. When that story includes being a hero trying to stop the zombie infection and save the world, things get a whole lot more intense. Talk about high stakes, guys.

The sessions will go a little bit like this: you and your squad will be dropped into the middle of a zombie infection zone with only 90 minutes to figure out what the heck is going on and stop it before it’s too late. To do so, you’ll need to figure out puzzles and avoid being turned into a zombie yourself in order to help the head scientists reverse the plague. In other words, it’s literally like stepping into an episode of The Walking Dead. Uh, yes please!

With the whole experience being aimed at defining a new style of entertainment, you can bet things are going to get really, really fun.  

Okay, it’s official: if you need us, we’ll be saving Brisbane from the zombie apocalypse. What can we say, we’re givers.

The Details

When: Wednesday October 18 to Sunday October 29
Where: Brisbane Powerhouse, 119 Lamington St, New Farm
Cost: $65

This event is now over. 

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Image credit: Brisbane Powerhouse

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