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Get Your Heart Rate Pumping With 5 Epic Hikes Near The Gold Coast

By Claire Plush
7th Jul 2020

Looking up at a canopy of trees in a rainforest.

Apparently, there are other things to do in life beyond eating, drinking, bingeing on Netflix while eating and drinking. We know, right, crazy!

To help balance out all those indulgent extra curricular activities that tend to involve hot chips, couches or hangovers, we’re pulling out the health guns with this epic list of mountains to hike near the Gold Coast.

So, kick off the pluggers, put on your runners (or whatever you classify as “mountain-worthy”), and get exploring. 

Mount Maroon

It might not be the biggest mound in Mount Barney National Park (this goes to Barney himself), but Mount Maroon is still a tough nut to crack. Steep and rarely offering up flat spots for a dawdle in between; it’s a constant hard slog with a gold-star reward of uninterrupted views of Mount Barney and the surrounding Scenic Rim when you reach the end (or halfway, depends on how full your cup is).

Distance from the Gold Coast? About one hour and forty-five minutes drive, south west of the Gold Coast.

Mount Greville

For the more experienced mountain mavens, Mount Greville in Moogerah Peaks National Park will lead you on a stunning five-hour round trip to the summit, past incredible palm-filled narrow gorges and through open forest. This undeveloped mountain walk means it’s void of any signs, so you’ll have to use your inner compass to follow the right tracks. Tough and underrated, this one needs to go straight to the “next level hikes” bucket list.

Distance from the Gold Coast? About one hour and forty-five minutes drive, west of the Gold Coast.

Mount Mitchell

A mix of super lush rainforest and dry shrub, Mount Mitchell is a pretty easy hike, considering it’s a hefty 1000 metres above sea level. Jutting out of Main Range National Park, this volcanic mountain is totally worth the drive from the Gold Coast. Pack a picnic and lug it to the summit, with incredible views, you’re going to want to perch there for a while. Just keep an eye out for leeches. Eeek!

Distance from the Gold Coast? About two hours drive, west of the Gold Coast.

Mount Warning

It’s almost like this mountain is named to steer the weak away from conquering its craggy summit. But for every person it frightens with its mammoth presence, another excitable weekend adventurer comes along to climb it. This mountain walk is no secret, especially for a sunrise mish, and it’s all because of the spectacular 360-degree views from the peak. With chains to help manoeuvre your way up the rock face at the top, this is a hike that’ll push you to your limits. But, like all good things, the sweat pays off with breathtaking vistas.

Distance from the Gold Coast? About one hour drive, south of the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk

So, many of us have heard of The Great Walk, but so few have actually done the whole thing. We’re thinking that it’s got something to do with its length. At a mighty 54km long, this ain’t no casual Sunday stroll. You’ll need to plan this Gold Coast adventure, making sure you’ve got all the right gear (hello backpacks, hiking boots, tents, and confidence with snakes), plus either book it in for a long weekend or take some time off work. In between walkers’ camps dotted along the walk, you’ll experience epic scenery with gorges, waterfalls, rainforests, rock pools and gorgeous views. Don’t forget the camera though, because once you’ve ticked this tough trudge off your bucket list, you might not get around to doing it again.

Distance from the Gold Coast? About 45 minutes drive, west of the Gold Coast.

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