13 Gold Coast Cafes Offering Cheaper Coffee If You BYO Cup

By Danielle Read
25th Jun 2019


Many of the Gold Coast’s steaming hot cuppas deserve a round of applause. But as well as tasting like a welcome home cuddle, many Gold Coast cafes are taking their brews one step further. Celebrating coffee lovers and eco-warriors.
Here are a whole bunch of places on the Gold Coast offering discounted coffee if you BYO cup. 

  1. If you haven’t stepped into Blackboard Coffee, we’re kind of questioning whether you’re a true blue Gold Coaster. Bring your keep cup to this Varsity Lakes hot spot and score 50c off your next coffee run.
  2. Insider tip: squeeze a reusable cup into your satchel and Percy’s Corner will send a 50c bevvie discount your way. 
  3. When the wallet tells us we can’t afford France, we head to Le Cafe Gourmand instead. Sit back with mouth watering French-styled eats and save 50c on your coffee with your own cup. Who wins? Oui oui do. 
  4. If you weren’t already tempted to pop into Bam Bam Bakehouse for their buttery, award-winning pastries and possible celeb sightings, then 50c off your coffee should sweeten the deal. Pack your own mug and score a 50c discount on the house. 
  5. Nobbys gets a lot of our nods. And with legends like The Shack Superfood Cafe calling NB home, you can’t blame us. Stop by with your own mug on your way to the dunes and pick up a nice 50c discount. 
  6. Doing your bit for the planet instantly curbs any guilts about indulging in a caffeinated cup of the hot stuff. So contrary to their name, Guilty Cafe will pour you a guzzle-worthy coffee and shout you a 30c discount when you BYO cup. Happy planet, happy days!
  7. Surf stuff and coffee go together like sunshine and BBQs. And apart from stocking some seriously good eats (think burrito-omelettes and raw slices) Board Culture also take 50c off your coffee order when you supply your own cup!
  8. Northern Gold Coasters, Frigg Cafe has your back. These guys offer Labradorians a 50c price drop for every cup you pack along from home. Even those passing through will score a bad boy special from Frigg.
  9. Broadbeach’s own No Name Lane is serious about their coffee. They’re also serious about saving you dosh. Claim your 50c discount when you slide your own cup across the counter.
  10. Milkshakes aren’t the only thing bringing all the boys (and girls) to The Yard. It’s 50c coffee discounts when you pack along a cup of your own, too. That is, except for 7-8am weekdays when the Nobbys Beach hub serves up half price coffees all-round. Cheers to that.
  11. If you’re ready to take your eco-lovin’ next level, we know just the place. Burleigh’s own Industrial Cafe only uses planet-friendly coffee cups and sustainable coffee for all their cuppas. Bring your own mug and you’ll enjoy a 30c discount.
  12. The name says it all. Papercup Coffee are all in when it comes to reducing plastic options and upping the ante on the eco-front. While they don’t offer discounts when you BYO cup, they do double stamp your loyalty card. So you’re closer to your free coffee and that totally counts as a win in our books. 
  13. We love a good bikkie with our cuppa. But we love BSKT's 50c discount when you BYO cup just as much. Drop into their beachfront health hub and order up your favourite cup of liquid gold while you're at it. 

Image credit: The Urban List 

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