11 Gold Coast Cafes Offering Cheaper Coffee If You BYO Cup

By Danielle Read - 05 Jun 2018


There’s nothing quite like a good cup of coffee and a catch up with your favourites. The Gold Coast’s cafe culture has absolutely flourished ever since we discovered that coffee = life.  

Since basically everyone knows a mysterious barista or actually is one, it’s no surprise we have a whole city swirled up into one beautifully poured latte art of cleverness.

And now the GC is taking it one step further and not only making a stance for the coffee lovers among us, but also the eco-warriors. You don’t have to wear a pair of hessian pants and give up soap to save the planet. Now all you gotta do is grab a reusable cup and take it places with you. Plus, you can even save yourself some dosh!

Here are a whole bunch of places on the Gold Coast offering discounted coffee if you BYO cup. Drink up!

  1. Are you really a Gold Coaster if you’ve never stepped foot into Blackboard Coffee? Pack along your cup and score 50c off your next coffee run.
  2. If you weren’t already tempted to pop into Bam Bam Bakehouse for their buttery pastries and possible celeb sightings, then 50c off your coffee should sweeten the deal. Yep, all you have to do is come along with your own cup. 
  3. Mandala & Co. make the #greenlife good. When we’re not jigging to their live beats, scoffing down plant based treats or very obviously noticing that vegos are a good looking breed, we’re taking advantage of their BYO cup 50c price slash.
  4. Nobbys gets a lot of our heart eyes. We mean, with legends like The Shack Superfood Cafe, can you blame us? Stop by on your way to the dunes for your morning dawdle and pick up a piping brew. You totes don’t need a reason to peruse their power packed menu, but a 50c coffee discount does sweeten the deal. Don’t forget your mug!
  5. Insider tip: Throw a reusable cup in your satchel and Percy’s Corner will give you a 10% discount for your fave bevvie. How So Po is that!
  6. Le Cafe Gourmand really brings out our exotic European alter egos. But the best thing about stopping in and not travelling aaaaall the way to France is that you can enjoy their mouth watering French-styled eats AND save 50c on your coffee with your own cup.  
  7. New kids on the block, Pollen thinks you guys are the bee’s knees. That’s why they’re offering a $1 discount when you buzz on down to their Burleigh shop and BYO cup.  
  8. There’s nothing to feel guilty about when you’re doing your bit for the planet! Guilty Cafe offer OTT drinks, guzzle-worthy coffee and a 30c discount in exchange for your cup.  Winning.  
  9. Coolangatta has our hearts. Those sundrenched mornings strolling up the esplanade, breathing in that fresh sea breeze air and slurping up your morning sustenance. Aaah! But let’s face it, freedom tastes sweeter when it’s nestled in with a bargain. Save 30c at The Black Sheep Espresso Baa. The only requirement? Use your own little vessel with a handle.  
  10. Yaaaas! The Black Sheep Espresso Baa is offering a 50c discount at their Currumbin-based cafe too!   
  11. On the northern end of the Gold Coast? Frigg Cafe has got your back. These guys offer Labradorians a 50c price drop for every cup you pack along from home. 

Do you know another Gold Coast cafe offering a discount when you bring your own cup? Let us know in the comments! 

Image credit: The Urban List 

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