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Start Sipping, Here’s Where You Can Make Your Own Gin On The Coast

By Morgan Reardon
15th Jul 2020

Gin, whether it’s served straight, with tonic over ice or mixed in a cocktail, is a perennial favourite of ours. Sure, we love to drink it, but now we can make it too, and so can you. That’s right, you can now sip your very own brew and it’s all possible thanks to the legends at Granddad Jacks.

The Miami-based distillery was the first to open its doors back in August 2018 and since then has won multiple awards for their spirits including just this year claiming the title of  World’s Best Coffee Liqueur at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (Barbershop Coffee). 

Held over four hours, the intimate masterclass is limited to just six people and is run by Granddad Jack’s head distiller Luke Ridden, whose wealth of knowledge is endless. You’ll kick off the night with a gin and tonic in hand and by candlelight you’ll learn about Granddad Jack himself and how this incredible distillery came to fruition. 

After throwing back another gin and tonic—it’s all in the name of research—it’s time to become a distiller’s apprentice. Rather than watching Luke do his thing, you’ll be set up with your very own 2L copper still and be guided step-by-step. 

First up, it’s about picking your flavour combinations, so you’ll spend time pouring over various botanicals—everything from gum leaf and lemongrass to juniper and chamomile—to create a tasty mix. Next, it’s time to get your inner geek on as you use beakers, test tubes and some very technical looking equipment to measure out, balance and eventually distil your own gin. Never fear, you don’t need a science degree to nail this as Luke and his team will be by your side to assist. Seriously, no matter your skillset, you can’t go wrong here. 

Finally, after taste testing your rivals/fellow budding distillers creations, you’ll pour your concoction into a 500ml bottle and add a personalised label to take home with you. Bragging rights go to the best name and if you seriously impress them with your gin, Granddad Jack’s might even create a batch to be sold within the distillery. A competition at the end of the year decides all. 

Granddad Jack’s Craft Distillery Experience is an absolute must do for gin-lovers and fun-seekers alike. Tickets cost $230 per person and we guarantee it’s worth every cent. To secure your spot at their next class, click here. Gift vouchers are also available on their website.

To stay up to date with all things Grandad Jack's, make sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, or head to their website, here.

Image Credit: Grandad Jack's

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