Get To Know Heart Of Bone, Billie Eilish’s Favourite Jewellery Label

By Sammy Preston
2nd May 2019

If like us, you’ve been vibing Billie Eilish’s heavy, gothic-inspired silverware, you’re going to want to get to know Heart of Bone—the Melbourne-based label behind most of Eilish’s iconic chains and rings.

The label is the genius of designer Emma Abrahams, and while it’s a major (like, major) favourite of Eilish’s, you’ll have seen Heart of Bone grace the iconic fingers of the late great Karl Lagerfeld and a few other pretty famous people: Janet Jackson, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dita Von Teese, Billy Idol, Charlie XCX, Marc Jacobs, Paris Hilton, Courtney Love and Steph Claire Smith, to name a few.

As for how it all started for Abrahams, she actually first meant to create a line of gothic furniture. “I accidentally stumbled into a jewellery wax carving course run by the esteemed Jeweller WLG Metal Couture,” she says. “I made a Carmen Miranda skull ring during the course and I became completely hooked on the process.”

Billie Eilish—whose effervescent new world goth slash street style has charmed millions and millions the world over—came into Abrahams’ life through a collab Heart of Bone had with The Residency Experience VIP showroom in LA (basically the spot big time stylists hit to pull looks for the likes of Beyoncé).

“Billie Eilish’s stylist Samantha Burkhart styled her in our pieces for an editorial shoot back in 2017 and we have stayed in contact ever since. Now we work with both Samantha and Billie directly,” explains Abrahams.

As for what it’s like collaborating and working with Eilish, Abrahams says “She’s awesome. She really knows what she wants, and we love that she loves our art.”

Heart of Bone has just dropped a website where you can shop their full series of men’s and women’s silver and gold chains, signet rings, earrings, charms and more.

They’ve also launched a customizable charm studio, where you can pick out charms handcrafted in solid sterling silver or 18k yellow gold vermeil to create your own look.


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If you’ve had your eye on that black bunny ring, worn by Eilish on Instagram, in her music videos and on tour, you’ll need to be quick. It’s a limited-edition Heart of Bone piece you can pre-order right now, it’s called "Bad Bunny", comes in a smaller “Baby Bunny” size and is made of stainless steel with a high shine black rhodium finish. Shop it for $140 right here. For all of Eilish's other favourite Heart of Bone pieces, check out the full list to shop here

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