Where To Take A Hot Yoga Class On The Gold Coast

By Cayleh Ferguson
30th May 2019

best hot yoga studios on the Gold Coast

It’s that time of year again; when it’s easier to stay under the covers come morning than to spring out of bed for that sunrise sweat session. 

A new season means its time to change up your fitness regime, and we think hot yoga is the perfect medicine to cure the winter blues. Roll out of your warm bed and into a warm room for a long and luscious stretch and flex. We’ve rounded up the best, warmest and most welcoming hot yoga studios on the Gold Coast for you to get your sweat on. 

Hot Tropical Yoga


The first non-Bikram studio to open in Australia in 2006, Hot Tropical Yoga is a studio that is proof in the pudding there is more to hot yoga than just Bikram. Crossing the stepping stones into the upstairs studio, you can feel the good vibes coming from within the walls. Classes include Hot Props, which uses blocks and straps for more intense postures, while Aroma is a beautiful candlelit class with soothing scents for uber relaxation. Hippy Hot Yoga is similar to a standard Bikram with more hip openers for all those who seize up sitting at desks all day. A recent addition to the timetable is Hip Hop Yoga; think a Vinyasa flow in a warm room, cool tunes and fun moves. Owner/teacher Michelle is incredibly welcoming and will have you feeling like it’s your second home. It’s worth mentioning they actually have Doga one Sunday each month; where you can bring your pooch and do a REAL downward dog. The first 10 days are only $25 and we think $2.50 a class is a darn good deal to get a feel for doing yoga the hot way. 

Hot Yoga Gold Coast


From very humble beginnings, owners Jodi and Sean wanted to share their passion with the world. Now boasting two locations, seven different classes and a bunch of qualified teachers, Hot Yoga Gold Coast is changing lives on the reg by toning and detoxifying body and mind. This is the OG hot yoga; the traditional Hatha style postures that were first documented over 5,000 years ago. The Hot 90 class is the best example of the original Bikram, 90 minutes long with 26 postures and two breathing exercises, and it’s the class of choice for people attempting this style of yoga for the first time. For those a little more experienced, there's intermediate classes for 60 minutes, while the advanced class is for hardcore yogis who can handle a challenge in a 40-degree room for two whole hours. Did you know you can burn up to 900 calories per class? That’s the same as a 10-kilometre run. We know what we’d rather! Sign us up! 

Elemental Life


A blend of traditional and modern yoga styles, Elemental Yoga will help to increase your energy levels, improve flexibility, create a sense of mindfulness and recharge that fire for life. Some classes on offer vary each time such as the Powerflow, while others are the same postures each time, allowing you to grow and master your practice. There are also silent classes for those who want to deepen their meditation connection and take a break from today’s fast-paced way of living, and Yin classes to ensure a gentle, deep stretch including Elemental Yin and VinYin. If you want to up the ante, they even have hot Pilates. If this will help us get hot abs, then we’d better hop to it! Elemental Life is part yoga studio, part chiro and part massage, so if you have been feeling stressed, have sore or tight muscles, or just generally feel out of alignment, then we suggest you book a date with Elemental Life and walk out feeling all sorts of invigorated and inspired. Try their hot yoga classes for just $29 for the first two weeks—bargain! 

Fire Shaper

Bundall, Mudgeeraba and Oxenford

Founded and travelling all the way from the USA, FireShaper Yoga made its way to Australian shores and has three locations on the Gold Coast alone! This evolutionary practice of hot yoga is redefining and combining both heated yoga and the traditional yoga experience. With a studio in Bundall, Mudgeeraba and Oxenford and only $89 for a month unlimited, you really don’t have an excuse that no time or location suits. For newbies, the Fresh class is the best way to be introduced to hot yoga, slightly less dynamic and in a not-so-hot room or Shape which is more of a mat-based core workout similar to Pilates. Ignite is the signature hot yoga class, sitting at a hot 38-degrees and designed so you can stretch and sweat out nasty toxins, while refreshing your body, mind and spirit. Flow is a Vinyasa style based on power moves and is a continuous flowing format to upbeat music, while Blaze is the traditional 26 asanas and two breathing exercises in a 90-minute class. For something a little more intense, opt for Burn which fuses yoga and weights to tighten and tone the whole bod. Talk about the studio being aptly named!

Pilates more your groove? We’ve rounded up eight of the best Pilates studios on the Gold Coast, just for you. 

Image credit: Bianca O'Neill

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