Here’s Where To Get Oreo’s Limited Edition ‘White Stuf’ Lip Balm

By Jessica Pridmore
7th Feb 2019

In an unpredictable 2019 twist, the world’s most famous ‘cookie’ is taking its iconic monochromatic product and turning it into a lip balm.

Teaming up with Taste Beauty—creators of such cult classic balms as Mountain Dew and Tabasco Sauce balms—Oreo are going all out this year to celebrate National Oreo Day (March 6 if you'd like to jot that in your diaries).

Inspired by the iconic white filling ‘stuf’ this extremely limited-edition lip balm is only available to win on the Oreo website from now until March. For now, there is no word on whether they will release this neat little balm globally, but if it’s anything like Nars and their exclusive NYFW balm, we have a feeling it might be available sooner than you think.

Image credit: Oreo

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