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Where To Buy Plastic-Free Fresh Produce On The Coast

By Morgan Reardon
21st Jun 2019

plastic free stores gold coast

If you’re on a plastic-free mission it can be a little disheartening when you arrive at the supermarket to find more than a third of the fresh produce suffocated in plastic. Had plans to make risotto and need one stick of celery? Too bad, you can only choose from a huge bunch (of which most will go to waste), half a bunch wrapped in cling-wrap or a few pre-chopped sticks in a sealed plastic bag.

Well, Urban List Sustainability Month to the rescue! The Coast is home to some amazing fresh produce shops that like to leave the majority of their fruit and veg in nature’s natural wrapping.

Pack those reusable produce bags, here’s where to do a plastic-free fruit and vegetable shop on the Gold Coast.

Farm And Co


While technically across the border, we couldn’t leave this one off the list. What used to be an avocado farm for 30 years, is now a full-fledged family-run organic fruit and vegetable farm, with an on-site cafe and yes, those spectacular sunflowers you’ve seen all over Instagram. Take off your shoes, breathe in the fresh air, wander around the farm, laze in the hammock strung between macadamia trees, pick your own sunflowers, feed Hank the vegan pig and marvel at what mother nature grants us. Don’t have time to relax and wander? Just pop into the shop at the front for all your freshly picked produce from pineapples to plums and everything in between. Farm and Co, we love your work. 

Urban Food Store


A newbie to the dining scene is this cafe come marketplace located in the heart of Broadbeach. In the era of a fast-paced world full of convenience (and waste), we adore places like Urban Food Store that allow you to purchase your natural face moisturiser, fill up your kombucha bottle, grab a healthy bite and do your groceries all under the one roof. Fill up your basket with fresh fruit while sipping on a smoothie or slurping on an Allpress espresso out of your reusable cup. Sounds like the perfect plastic-free shop to us. 

Freeman’s Organic Farm

Currumbin Valley

Fill up your fridge from Freeman’s and when you go to eat your glorious gifts from the ground you will remember that it was grown organically and picked by your very own hands. Freeman’s has been around since 1915 so they definitely know their stuff when it comes to organic farming. With a cafe, open fire, live tunes, farm tours and incredible lookout to view Currumbin Valley it’s the perfect pit-stop on your weekend. If you can head there on Mondays you will find most of the fruit and veg 25% off. There’s your shop sorted for the week ahead, with no plastic waste included.

Tropical Fruit World


At Tropical Fruit World you’ll see, taste and learn about fruits from all over the world with up to 500 different varieties. Take the farm tour, choose your favourites and purchase them from the fresh fruit market, straight from the orchards into your hot little hands. Ever heard of jaboticaba or jackfruit? Change up your boring banana smoothie for breakfast every morning and challenge yourself to a different drink every day using your Tropical Fruit World haul. You’ll be back every weekend just to try something new.

Ground Grocer

Currumbin Valley

Nestled among the lush wilderness of the Ecovillage is a hotspot aptly named ‘Ground,’ a collective of environmentally and sustainably conscious businesses offering a local, natural and organic approach to living. Ground Grocer is the fresh produce store inside ‘Pasture and Co’ cafe, who do an incredible eggs benny by the way. Filled to the brim with fresh produce and organic certified whole foods it’s the perfect place to fill up your basket and your soul. Grabbing yourself some straight-outta-the ground goods is the easiest way to be healthier, rid your life of plastic and support the local community. 

Yuen’s Fruit And Veg Specialist

Mermaid Waters 

All hail Yuen, he’s been bringing the finest fresh fruit and veg to the Gold Coast for over 20 years and recently just had an exciting makeover, adding a cafe and juice bar to the premises. The team work closely with local farmers and markets to provide the finest quality items supplying over 200 lines of fresh fruit and veg so there is more than enough to fill up your fridge with. Yuen’s even display their produce in wooden crates on a bed of green leaves. That’s what we like to see.

Honesty Boxes


Did you ever think about a Saturday morning drive winding through the hinterland, not knowing where you’re going or where you’ll end up and stopping at all the little family run honesty boxes along the way? If you live under a rock and don’t know what they are, it’s basically a roadside stall with the farm’s fresh produce and is based on an honesty system, meaning they trust you to put pennies in the box in exchange for the produce. This is the ultimate way to support local farmers and shop plastic free. Plus, it’s almost like a lucky dip, you don’t know what fresh fruit and veg you will find. Scrap the shopping list, grab your basket and you’re good to go.

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Image Credit: Jakub Kapusnak/IUnsplash 

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