Unmissable Wellness Festivals Around The World

By Dasha Koryagina
11th Jan 2019

Unmissable Wellness Festivals Around The World

Held in jaw-dropping locations all around the world, wellness festivals bring together like-minded people, promoting holistic, mindful living. We're talking soulful music, feel-good activities, fitness, nutrition, sustainable shopping and all the nature you could ask for. Taking place all over the world there are many events to choose from, all offering a unique vibe and experience. Here is our selection of all the wellness festivals you simply cannot miss. So, if you're ready to unleash your best self and live your very best life—get to one of these, stat!


Various Locations

When it comes to wellness festivals, Wanderlust is the true OG. It all started in Squaw Valley, California, summer of 2009. Ten years on, the event is now held in several countries around the world, including USA, Canada, UK, Chile, Australia and New Zealand. Set in a variety of stunning of locations, the festival consists of 300+ activities spread over a few days. The offerings include fitness activities, yoga and meditation, inspirational talks and informative lectures. You'll be able to shop organic and eco-conscious products, go on hikes and connect with nature. Wanderlust is a place for nurturing both your mind and body, accompanied by good music and great company. 

Telluride WOW

Telluride, Colorado, USA

With all the regulars on the agenda (yoga classes, massages, hikes, talks and lectures), the charm of Telluride WOW lies in the intimacy of the experience. The number of attendees is limited, allowing for one-on-one training sessions and personalised programmes for all involved. The individual approach helps attendees reach personal goals, and behavioural workshops make sure results are maintained long-term. Telluride's holistic approach uses a combination of Eastern and Western philosophies as well as naturopathic medicine to treat the person as a whole. 

Envision Festival

Uvita, Costa Rica

Set in what seems like paradise, with grounds covering both beach and tropical rainforest, Envision is a true hippy get away. This festival is a celebration of art, dance and music, tied in with spirituality and a message of love for yourself, others and the planet. Envision is less fitness-driven, more community-oriented. It teaches interculturalism, diversity and collaboration, encouraging love for the fellow being. There is also a strong ecological focus with classes on sustainability, ethical sourcing and renewables. And outside of these ethical-existence sessions, you can experience all sorts of healing practices, do yoga, go surfing and dance the night away to a revolving roster of DJs and musicians. 


Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

BaliSpirit offers a truly magical experience, seeking to ignite positive change in its guests through art, music, dance and spirituality. BaliSpirit offers a range of interactive workshops and seminars, various types of yoga and dance, and a wide assortment of live music. In-depth talks tackle intense topics ranging from shamanism to Javanese mysticism. Healing practices range from massage to mysterious practices of chakra balancing. One thing's for sure, attend this festival and you're sure to leave a better, fuller person.


Obonjan, Croatia

The private island that is Obonjan is actually a wellness retreat operating all summer long. Although the island does occasionally host wellness festivals, the reality is, life at Obonjan is a wellness festival as is. The place offers idyllic beaches with white sands and clear waters. Participate in watersports, yoga and spa treatments by day, enjoy stargazing and live music by night. 


Pattaya, Thailand

Wonderfuit's mission is to show the world just how easy, fun, and even decadent, sustainable living can be. The event stresses ecological awareness and conservation, along with a celebration of art and music. The five-day event promises endless adventures with a variety of events on offer, ranging from crystal healing to meditation, lectures and exercise.

Beyond Sahara

Marrakesh, Morocco

Now, if you're feeling overly adventurous and ready to set upon a wellness journey, literally, then Beyond Sahara is for you. Forget camping in a single area, Beyond Sahara takes you on a tour across North Africa over the course of a few days, so you'll be sleeping under the stars in a brand-new location each night. Climb dunes, go sand boarding, fill up on Moroccan food and enjoy fresh juices as you walk through one of our planet's most magical spots.

Soul Circus

Gloucester, UK

Live your best life at Soul Circus, where wellness and fun come together. Full of exciting activities, Soul Circus offers everything from hot yoga and gong baths to aerial classes, light therapy, sunset meditation and nutrition. Once you've ticked off your wellness tasks for the day, head on over to an afterparty and shake things out to the beat of DJs and strums of live music. 


Oxfordshire, UK

Set in a historic deer park, Wilderness strikes the perfect balance between wild, dance-filled nights and relaxing afternoons in a tranquil setting. Charge your batteries in the daytime with mindful activities ranging from yoga, meditation and Pilates to wellness talks, swimming, archery and forest runs. As night-time falls, go back to the forest for a night of DJ-led dancing and partying. 

Image Credit: Envision Festival 

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