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Here’s 10 Things To Do While Self-Isolating On The Gold Coast This April

By Mitchell Shepherd
1st Apr 2020

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We did have a pretty great list of things to do the Gold Coast this April, but, as you’ve noticed, things have become a little weird.

You may not be able to visit your local cafe for a flat white, enjoy a beer with your buddies or catch a film with friends, but we’re arming you with 10 seriously cool things to do while you batten down the hatches and self-isolate.

Support Gold Coast Businesses

There are still things we can do to support the local community, particularly small businesses that are in for a rough ride. Check your favourite store, cafe or shop online and see what they’re up to. Many are very creatively reinventing the services they provide just to keep their heads above water. When in doubt? Order your next Gold Coast grocery delivery with the help of these guys or get creative with this local DIY pottery kit.  

Do Nothing

We’re not kidding. When was the last time you just stopped? No tasks. No thinking. Yes, this is a thinly veiled attempt to introduce you to the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. Do you think Tibetan monks are glued to 24/7 corona coverage on their TVs, trembling in fear? Nope.

Learn A New Skill

It is said we are living in the Age of Information, and it isn’t just an intelligent-sounding title. Have you seen the amount of learning available online, and not just dodgy home vids on YouTube?  Skillshare, Bluprint and Lynda.com have free trial periods (to get you through quarantine), or browse this hitlist of epic virtual workshops.   

Start To Knit

This was first included as a joke, until the internet made it abundantly clear that knitting was cool! And why shouldn’t it be? You can make things like super ugly winter socks, a personalised blanket for your pooch, beanies, cushions, whatever. Get creative.

Contribute To HOTA’s Rage Against The V(irus)

Feeling creative? HOTA is offering Gold Coast-based artists, collectives and organisations $1000 for a creative project that has a digital outcome through their Rage Against The V(irus) program. Think podcasts, audio files, Facebook live events, video content, streaming, Instagram and other digital platforms.

Sign Up To A Local Online Fitness Class

There’s a whole stack of online classes to take if you’re due for a workout, but we suggest trying to keep it local and supporting those gyms and studios who have had to close their doors due to COVID-19. Change into your comfiest activewear, clear some space in the lounge room and jump over to our list of the Gold Coast’s best online workouts.

Visit A Gallery, Virtually

Doubly awesome for people whose faces reveal their general cluelessness when viewing art. Did you know some of the world’s most famous galleries are able to be visited online? That’s right, the J Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles), Vatican Museums (Rome), Guggenheim (Bilbao), Musée d’Orsay (Paris): ALL ONLINE.

Join A Celebrity Online Book Club

As winter and the pending viral apocalypse approaches, there really isn’t a better time to a) read, and b) join an online book club. Take your pick from Between Two Books (Florence Welch), Reese’s Book Club (Reese Witherspoon), Oprah’s 2.0 (umm, Oprah), Belletrist (Emma Roberts) or Our Shared Shelf (minus Emma Watson).

Tune Into Sofa King Fest

Although we’re set to miss a whole bunch of gigs and festivals this year, Sofa King Fest is providing all of your musical needs online. Log on to catch live performances from both rookie and renowned performers thrashing it out for donations or charity.

Plan A Netflix Party With Your Mates

Netflix Party synchronises video playback and adds group chat to your favourite shows, so you can watch movies with your friends without your friends actually being there. It doesn’t exactly solve the problem for those wanting to ‘Netflix and chill’.

Looking for more things to do on the Gold Coast? Step up the entertainment levels with these activities you can get delivered to your door

Image credit: Avi Richards

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