Monday Is An RDO! What's Open This Boxing Day Public Holiday

By Sally Coates - 26 Dec 2015

This year Boxing Day has our delicate brains all messed up. So Boxing Day is the 26th—everybody knows that! BUT, in true Aussie fashion the Boxing Day public holiday actually falls on the Monday after, so we don’t get robbed of a well-earned day off work. Hurrah!

So due to politics, penalty rates, and probably the Illuminati, it’s a bit of a lucky dip when it comes to what’s open and when. Here’s a quick wrap up of what we know is open (i.e. this list is not exhaustive!), where you can go this Monday 28th December and not be met with a “Sorry, we’re closed” sign and, as a result, bitter disappointment.

Alfred’s Diner
Why: Because it’s ridiculously relaxed, like sitting in your mate’s backyard, having a coffee and a yarn.
What: Alfred’s Breakfast Burrito

Where: 2389 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach

Grocer and Grind
Why: Because they offer up impeccable service, healthy and environmentally-conscious meals, and a corner shop vibe that lets you soak up the sun from every angle.
What: Vegetarian Eggs Benny

Where: Corner Sunshine Boulevard and T.E Peters Drive, Mermaid Waters

Why: Because can you say kalenaise?! Healthy as anything you could possibly want and still so damn tasty.
What: Super Berry Cacao Pancakes

Where: 4 Lavarack Rd, Mermaid Beach

Pomeroy’s Coffee and Tea Co.
Why: Because they’ve got every kind of tea you could possibly want for that essential post-Christmas detox, plus amazing coffee and brekkie snacks.
What: The Japanese Green Tea—your body will thank you!

Where: Capri on Via Roma, Isle of Capri

Espresso Moto 
Why: Because it’s the perfect niche spot for you motorbike enthusiasts who might need that extra kick before your gorgeous coastal ride— Espresso Moto will definitely rev your engine.
What: The Bacon and Egg Roll and of course an espresso!

Where: 1389 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach

Canteen Coffee and Kitchen
Why: Because you can’t make this kind of food at home, it’s not something an amateur can produce so don’t even try!! Plus, after all that cooking you did over Chrissy you deserve something special.
What: The poached eggs with grilled haloumi, labneh creamed spinach and fresh lemon

Where: 23 Park Avenue, Burleigh Heads

Obsessions on Chevron
Why: Because you’ve let yourself go already, no point starting the New Year’s fitness resolutions early!
What: Super Saiyan #goals

Where: 37 Thomas Drive, Chevron Island

Brooklyn Depot
Why: Because you want to be sober and stylish in the heart of Surfers at least once over the holiday period (or just stylish, the Brooklyn Sour is pretty tempting).
What: Cheese and Gravy Poutine Skinny Fries x 5

Where: 10 Beach Rd, Surfers Paradise

Cafe DBar
Why: Because everything there is a sight for sore, tired eyes (i.e. it’s freakin’ awesome).
What: World famous Acai Bowl

Where: 275 Boundary Street, Coolangatta

Tupe Aloha
Why: Because you couldn’t quite make it to Hawaii this year, or Mexico for that matter, so it’s time to add it to 2016’s resolutions and hit the next best thing instead.
What: Hokie Pokie and Jalapeno Poppers

Where: Shop 1/1 Douglas Street Kirra

Dune Café
Why: Because the kids, nieces, nephews, children who you actually don’t know etc. have been cooped up for far too long. So you need to get out of the house and go somewhere where everyone will be happy.
What: Lentil Burger

Where: 945 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach

Koi Dining
Why: Because there’s a good chance you’ve been stressed, running around like mad and stuck with the rellies all weekend. Head there with your crew, have some nibbles, a cocktail, and a laugh.
What: Pork Belly

Where: 90-104 Surf Parade, Broadbeach

Easy Street Diner
Why: Because you’re sick of the Aussie Christmas and you’re keen for a taste of America, minus the snow and freezing temperatures, obviously.
What: Double Royale with Cheese

Where: 2563 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach

Bin 72
Why: Because you’re strapped after Chrissy, but you still want to spoil yourself without breaking the now non-existent bank.
What: Popcorn Chicken with Spicy Mayo

Where: 72 Marine Parade, Coolangatta

Stingray Lounge
Why: Because you’ve been drinking cheap bottles of white wine that have just sort of appeared out of nowhere for about five days now and you’re ready for a delicious, well-made, and intricate cocktail.
What: Vanilla Passionfruit Pisco Sour

Where: QT Hotel, 7 Staghorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Alto Cucina and Bar
Why: Because you’re not quite done with the Christmas buzz and you want to keep that electricity going, even if it is Monday.
What: The Alto Taste Plate (they know what they’re doing), and the Alto Caprioska

Where: The Oasis Shopping Centre, Broadbeach

Glass Dining
Why: Because you’ve been hanging out with your drunk Aunty Shazz from Ipswich for way too long and you want, no, need to get a little bit fancy, and fast, before the bogan starts to take over.
What: The Moreton Bay Bugs with Hazelnut and Coriander, and a bottle from the extensive wine list.

Where: 27/74 Seaworld Drive, Marina Mirage, Main Beach


Sally Coates is a self-proclaimed comedian whose talents include convincing people she’s a comedian, making terrific jokes, swearing inappropriately, and talking in third person. Destined for success, Sally’s hobbies include eating bad food, binge watching TV shows, and cuddling cats. Find her on Instagram @saldawgz 

Photo Credit: Claire Dryden for Metropolist

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