18 Rad Workshops In Auckland Where You Can Learn A New Skill

Thankfully, for those wishing to sink their teeth into learning a new skill, a bunch of workshops have popped up all over Auckland with…

Food & Drink
The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks In New Zealand To Sip In 2023

Whether you are wishing to cut down your alcohol intake or are looking to go completely teetotal, here are our favourite non-alcoholic…

Podcasts & Books
The Best Sex Podcasts Of 2022

Let’s cut to the chase. There’s a big pool of sex podcasts sitting out there (most likely full of lots of banana inflatables) in…

Epic NZ Made, Eco Friendly And Sustainable Products So You Can Keep Our Planet In Mind

Shopping sustainably is becoming easier and easier, with more local NZ brands being launched all the time specifically developed to be way…

3 Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves This World Mental Health Day

Use World Mental Health Day as a chance to assess and improve your mental health.

How To Meditate If You’re A Total Beginner

We thought we’d get some expert tips on how to add meditation to your daily routine, and what you should be doing when you finally sit…

18 Of The Best Low Cost Therapy Providers In Auckland

As much as Covergirl would have us believe life is all easy breezy beautiful, sometimes you need more than lipstick to help you navigate its…

Places In Auckland That Are Good For The Soul

We can all be found guilty of becoming a bit of a ‘stress head’ from time to time, but who can blame us?

The Best Running Tracks Around Auckland To Help You Clear Your Head

There’s nothing like a run in the sunshine to get you out of the house when you start feeling a little cooped up. So why not reset…

8 Things To Do If You’re Feeling Down, According To A Counsellor

She shares the everyday habits to implement that may increase your mental wellbeing from meditation and gentle exercise to putting your…

Health & Beauty
Here’s How To Keep The Conversation Rolling Around R U OK? Day

With things the way they are out in the world, it's OK not to be OK right now.

9 Of The Best Running Tracks In Christchurch

For a completely free workout, lace up your running shoes, put in your ear buds and head outside to explore the absolute best running tracks…

The Best Hot Yoga Studios In Auckland For You To Heat Up At

Hot yoga is known to help curb your stress, stretch your muscles, focus your mind and is definitely more intense than a…

Health & Beauty
Why The Health Benefits Of Cold-Water Swimming Are Worth The Plunge

While you might spot them on a chilly morning and shiver just at the thought of joining in, a growing number of cold-water swimmers swear by…

Health & Beauty
7 Epic Online Yoga Classes To Get Bendy At Home With

​Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner student (or the mere thought of the lotus position has you scratching your head)…

The Best Float Tanks In Auckland And Where To Find Them In 2022

For a chance to experience weightlessness and peace in your own blissful space, a flotation tank could be just right for you. If you're…

12 Of The Best Health And Fitness Apps To Download Now

If you would have told us 20 years ago we’d be using a mobile phone to exercise, we wouldn’t have believed you. But alas, some…

Sweet Dreams, Here’s How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep Tonight

Think you can’t train yourself to switch off and chill out? Guess again. Sleep specialist Olivia Arezzolo hit us up with four…

We Tried EMS Training For A Month And This Is What Happened

If you’re anything like me, finding the motivation to bust your butt at the gym is not high on the priority list. Between working,…

Health & Beauty
Everything You Need To Know About Relationship Anxiety

Relationship anxiety isn’t a recognised or diagnosable condition but it's predicted to affect approximately 1 in 5 people.

Style & Design
25 Rad Things Under $25 To Get You Through Home Isolation

Oh, home isolation. So much free time, so little motivation. Whether you’ve ended up feeling under the weather or you’re…

How To Manage COVID At Home, According To A Registered Nurse

If you’re one of the unicorns that has not yet copped Coronavirus, this read is for you.

Local Escapes
8 Epic Auckland Waterfalls You Can Actually Visit

We’ve scoped the waterfalls around the city to bring you a list of the best in Auckland. Take a picnic!

Win Your Next Bubble Bake Off With This Drool-Worthy Lemon Drizzle Cake

Stuck at home once again, it’s safe to say most of us are finding ourselves with the opportunity to spend a little more time in the…

11 At Home Workouts From Top Local Personal Trainers To Try This Lockdown

From live yoga and pilates-inspired workouts, to world-renowned Les Mills classes, getting fit at home has never been easier (or more…

12 of The Best Running Tracks In Wellington

With no shortage of sensational routes, lace up your running shoes and enjoy our picks for the12 best running tracks in…

Getting The Gig
How Ārepa Co-Founder Angus Brown Is Promoting Mental Clarity Through This Natural Brain Food

The importance of mental wellbeing at this point of time cannot be understated. With an emphasis on mental wellness, Ārepa founder…

How To Survive Lockdown Without Drugs And Alcohol

Here we are, deep into another lockdown, and many of us New Zealanders feeling all over the show—unable to shut off, to relax, to let…

The Best Online Pharmacies That Deliver Direct To Your Door Anywhere In NZ

So we’re locked down and you’re pretty confident you have all you need. But what’s this? The repeat prescription you got…

10 Ways To Ease PMS, Balance Your Hormones And Have A Happy Period

Why is PMS still so badly understood? How can there be this much vagueness and confusion over the female body in 2021? Your monthly…

The Best Spa Treatments In Auckland To Treat Yourself To

From fanciful gold facials, to sub-zero shenanigans, through to full body treatments involving beautiful botanicals of the world,…

Getting The Gig
Bowl And Arrow Co-Founder Leisha Rae On Building A Healthy Fast-Food Empire

Leisha Rae makes up the sweet 1/2 of Bowl & Arrow with her bestie and partner in crime, Hannah Bryan. After meeting at a cafe Leisha was…

What's On
A Gluten Free, Vegan Doughnut-Making Workshop Is Here And You’ll Want To Book Stat

Gone are the days when not being able to eat gluten meant you were doomed to living a doughnut-less existence. Two years ago Charlie Mia…

10 Of The Best Float Tanks In New Zealand

We’ve done the research and these are all the best places to float in New Zealand. 

8 Of The Best Walks And Hikes In Wellington To Challenge Your Fitness

With the beautiful views being some of the best free things Wellington city has to offer, lace up your kicks and start strolling.

TV & Movies
5 Sex-Positive Shows On Netflix That Will Change Your Life

We’ve rounded up some of the most progressive shows out there at the moment which all champion a greater movement to normalise so many…

Get Schooled On The Ins And Outs Of Sexual Health

Sex should be fun. For everyone involved. But it should also be safe. Knowing your way around sexually transmitted…

Take Note, XES Is The New Sex Toy Line Changing The Game For People With Disabilities

It caters for anyone with physical limitations or the likes of vaginismus and endometriosis.

Hit The Road With The 8 Best Bike Stores That Deliver In Auckland

Bike sales are currently going through the roof and it’s not hard to understand why. Neighbourhood walks are great and all but if…

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Restore Your Glow With This Essential 5-Step Winter Skincare Routine

Do you feel like your skin needs extra love in winter? From dryness to breakouts, winter can make your skin crazy. The solution? Change up…

8 Of The Best Free Outdoor Gyms in Auckland So You Can Keep Your Coin

If you're looking for a cheap—and in most cases free—way to keep your fitness levels up now that restrictions have eased,…

Local Escapes
Unwind At One Of New Zealand’s 9 Most Blissful Retreats

There are times in life when you just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and treat your body and mind to a little TLC.

Deep Breaths, Here’s Why It’s Ok To Feel Anxious About Leaving Lockdown

According to Dr Addie Wootten, CEO of not-for-profit organisation Smiling Mind and a clinical psychologist by background, While the…

Runners On, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Mindful Running

The Instagram-perfect yogi image of meditation may seem like the opposite of pounding pavement, but science backing the parallels between…

9 Of The Best Running Tracks In Tauranga And The Mount To Help You Work Up A Sweat

In a time when our lives have been turned upside down and gyms are closed, it’s important to continue to look after ourselves and get…

Put Your Best Foot Forward With These Online Dance Classes

Whether you’ve got the coordination of a baby giraffe or you’re a dancer from way back, lockdown is the perfect time to try your…

Clean Up With This GP Approved DIY Hand Sanitiser Recipe

We get it, you’ve been trawling the shops for weeks and you still haven’t been able to find the old Dettol sanny back in stock,…

6 Essential Yoga Poses To Get You Through The Day While Working From Home

If you're still waiting for your ergonomic desk chair to be delivered and that dining table seat is proving mightily uncomfortable on…

Jump Online, These Pharmacies Will Deliver Direct To Your Door Anywhere In NZ

So we’re locked down and you’re pretty confident you have all you need. But what’s this? The repeat prescription you got…

Fend Off Cabin Fever And Stay Sane During Lockdown With These 6 Tips

Well, what a year this week has been. Bar the odd walk and trip to the supermarket, we've been asked (for a good reason) to stay…

Lace Up Your Sneakers, Here Are 9 Of The Best Running Tracks In Queenstown

Lace up your Sneakers, chuck on a good podcast and head outdoors to one of the best running tracks in Queenstown.

Get Fit In Your Living Room With These Killer YouTube Workouts

To save you having to leave the house or bring bulk hand sanitizer to your usual yoga studio, here are eight free workouts you can…

Pull On Your Runners And Check Out This First Timers’ Guide To The Camino de Santiago

The roaring twenties 2.0 are here and if this is the decade you’re looking for a truly life changing experience, then the Camino de…

Health & Beauty
Spice Up Your Life With 7 Of The Juiciest Sex Podcasts Around

Let’s cut to the chase. There’s a big pool of sex podcasts sitting out there (most likely full of lots of banana inflatables) in…

Smash Your Fitness Goals With Auckland’s Best Lunch Hour Workouts

If the idea of setting your alarm for a ungodly hour pre-6am spins induces a frenzied panic, and after work hours are dedicated to those…

On The Side
From High-School Drop Out To Boss Babe, Here’s How To Go All-In On Your Side Gig

Edna Swart is the considerable brains behind the ed&i swimwear and body care range and recently starred on TVNZ's Boss Babes.…

Here’s Why You Should Hike The Annapurna Circuit, From Someone Who’s Actually Done It

​Ever wanted to eat chocolate covered things two or three times a day and not feel guilty about it? Then hiking the Annapurna Circuit…

You Can Say Goodbye To Fad Diets Forever Thanks To This

Intuitive eating has been around for yonks but, thanks to the rise of Instagram, we’re hearing a lot more about it now as…

How To Find The Best Type Of Yoga To Suit Your Personality

At a loss to know what type of yoga would suit you best? We’ve got you covered from A-Z with the different types of yoga to suit your…

Smash Your Fitness Goals With The 11 Best Workouts in Wellington

Whether you are looking for some pals to go running with, a sweat inducing HIIT workout or a good regular yoga practise, New Zealand's…

Get Your Sweat On, Here’s Auckland’s Best Workouts

Whether you’re #shreddingforsummer, looking for the hottest new workout trend, or are a weekend warrior needing a new challenge,…

Food & Drink
Bite Club | Foodie News You Need To Know

It's always a good day when we get to roll out all of the latest and greatest foodie news for you to soak in—we're talking all…

Things To Do
Zen Out With The Fishes At This Underwater Yoga Class

Just when you thought yoga classes couldn’t get any more zen.

Food & Drink
Bite Club | Foodie News You Need To Know

It is that time again foodies, the most delicious and indulgent food-related news has dropped and we are giving you the line-up you need in…

Get Amped New Lynn, GoodFor Is Coming For You

New Lynn residents get excited because GoodFor are opening their brand new store in the New Lynn mall and it is seriously…

Food & Drink
Bite Club | Foodie News You Need To Know

Auckland is blessed with a foodie scene that is fast-paced and constantly changing so we are always on the lookout for new products, new…

Bars & Pubs
Sip On A Cold One At New Zealand’s First Pure Kombucha Taproom

The New Leaf Kombucha Taproom is busy carving a stellar reputation for itself right in the heart of Ponsonby. 

Get Zen With A Sky-High Yoga Class

Yoga in the clouds is a thing, and it's here.

Food & Drink
Trash Is For Tossers | A Simple Guide To Going Plastic-Free

Let’s chat about breaking a dirty, little habit. No, we don’t mean your daily 3pm chocolate binge, we’re talking about…