10 Reasons Stan Might Just Be Better Than Netflix

By Rachel Lay
8th Jun 2016

Netflix holds a very special place in our hearts – there’s no denying that. But somehow, we’ve sort of watched almost everything in their catalogue that takes our fancy. We know we’re not alone in this predicament, so here’s a nifty little round up of the best offerings on Stan, for those cold, wintery nights when Netflix just doesn’t hit the spot.

#1 Wolf Creek (The TV Series)

Everyone’s favourite Aussie horror flick has found new life with a terrifyingly epic TV series. This time, the story follows an American girl, Eve, whose family meets a (very) gruesome end at the hands of Australia’s scariest dude, Mick Taylor, and her cat and mouse game search for revenge. It’s a scary, edge of your seat series that is totally acceptable to devour in one sitting. This is one of our fave series this year. Watch it, people.

#2 All The OG Sitcoms

Friends, Will & Grace, McLeod’s Daughters, The OC, Absolutely Fabulous–what do all these epic, OG sitcoms have in common? They’re all streaming on Stan.  The best thing about OG sitcoms is being able to binge watch them, let’s be real.  With a list of classics able to satisfy the most mismatched couple, or the bored-est solo Stan watcher, having a portfolio of classic throwback sitcoms is something Netflix is missing. Thanks Stan!

#3 Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad fans will already know the story, but if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, don’t worry, you can still get into Better Call Saul. It’s a prequel of sorts, that covers Saul’s life pre Walter White and his exploits standing up for the little guys, where his moral compass often gets quite the work out. Without giving away too many spoilers, you’re going to want to watch this one.

#4 The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience is a dark, addictive series about a law student, Christine Reade, who ventures into sex work to pay her way through school, while at the same time landing an internship at a major law firm. It is a remake of a 2009 film of the same name, which does a much better job of telling the story. You probably won’t look at sex work the same after watching this one. This isn’t a feel good watch, but it should definitely be on your list.

#5 The Hills

If you didn’t grow up wanting to be Lauren Conrad then you’re either lying or haven’t seen The Hills yet. The full series of The Hills recently got added to Stan and it makes for the perfect wintery-weekend binge watch. It brings all of the drama with Spencer and Heidi’s doomed relationship, Lauren’s pearls of wisdom and Audrina’s questionable love interests. The Hills is the perfect mindless TV, and Stan has finally delivered it.


UnREAL is a dark, hilarious and scarily real look at reality TV. Produced by an actual producer of The Bachelor US, it’s a behind-the-scenes look at the reality TV we watch and the machinations of producers behind the scenes. You’ll never watch reality TV the same after watching this, and it’s probably for the best.

#7 Fargo

If you’ve seen the Coen Brother’s movie, the TV series will blow your mind with its subtle nods to the original. If you haven’t seen the movie, you’ll love this series anyways. It’s equal parts hilarious and gruesome, which is perfect if you ask us. Lester Nygaard’s banal life is flipped upside down when he accidently commits a murder. What follows is a darkly funny, gripping crime drama that received a whole heap of awards. If you haven’t already jumped on the Fargo bandwagon, you’re missing out.

#8 Angie Tribeca

So, anything from the mind of Steve Carrell with Bill Murray cameos is a winner in our books, and Angie Tribeca is just that. Starring Rashida Jones as a cop and full of puns, jokes and celeb cameos, we’re kind of obsessed with Angie Tribeca. Think The Naked Gun meets Parks And Recreation. Perfect for a post-work pick me up, or anytime you need some lols.

#9 Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is nineties perfection. Iconic, cinematically beautiful, and eerily creepy, this David Lynch classic is pretty much TV royalty. After the popular girl at school is murdered, an obscure out-of-town detective is called in to crack the case. You won’t guess how it ends, and that’s the best part. After all, there’s a reason this show is so damn iconic.

#10 The Last Ship

The Last Ship is the post-apocalyptic thriller you’ve been waiting for. There’s a deadly virus, a mission to save the human race from certain extinction; there’s epic action sequences, a pretty attractive cast (always important) and a plot line that will keep you guessing every episode. It’s the perfect TV show to end your rut, or to watch with the boyfriend.

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