14 Perth Dishes To Order If You’re Actually A Giant Kid

By Ella Liascos
17th Feb 2017

While we understand the benefits of adulting (clean clothes, fewer hangovers and more home cooked meals are all great), sometimes you've just got to let loose and live a little—with a Golden Gaytime milkshake or some gelato served in a fish-shaped pancake cone.

Here are 14 dishes you need to eat if you're actually a giant kid.

Lamingtons | Chu Bakery


Every Aussie childhood involved a lamington at some stage or another and Chu Bakery make some mean big-kid lamingtons. Turning the humble Australian dessert into a fancy affair, these are piped with way more cream and chocolate than you’d ever get in a standard lammie, then dusted with extra-large coconut flakes—these monsters are every big-kids dream. 

S'mores | Pleased To Meet You


Swap the Milk Arrowroots for ginger biscuits and the campfire for a table at Pleased To Meet You and you have a new and improved version of an old school S'more. Topped with a generous helping of marshmallows, caramel foam and chocolate—one bite and you'll be sure you’ve died and gone to foodie heaven.

Fried Chicken And Buttermilk Pancakes | Mary Street Bakery

Mount Lawley And West Leederville

Your brain will say no, but your taste buds will be watering in approval when you see the immensity of Mary Street Bakery’s fried chicken pancakes. A ridiculous display of indulgence—the kind that only a giant-kid would understand—these bad boys come topped with maple syrup and a fried egg for good measure.

Brioche French Toast | Hush Specialty Coffee


Maybe as a kid, you weren't allowed to indulge in French toast in the morning, but now you're a fully-grown adult who is responsible for making your own decisions, so starting the day with the Brioche French Toast at Hush can be a reality. Topped with Persian fairy floss, rhubarb curd, poached peach and pistachio praline, who said your decisions had to be responsible?

Mac ‘N’ Cheese | The Precinct

Victoria Park

Sometimes all you need is carbs, and when you’re living the life of a pretend adult, there’s no better way to satisfy this craving than a big bowl of Mac ‘n’ Cheese. The Precinct’s version caters to your inner-adult, with a fancy sprinkle of truffle oil and the option of an alcoholic beverage.

Golden Gaytime Mega Shake | Cafe 2TwentyFour


Cafe 2TwentyFour's amazing salted caramel thickshake is every kid's dream. This delish drink is topped with whipped cream, caramel sauce, plenty of pretzels and an ENTIRE Golden Gaytime! If that doesn't scream sugar high we don't know what will. 

Salted Caramel Doughnuts | Meeka


Like the good old days but a little fancier, the salted caramel doughnuts at Meeka will remind you of your childhood and keep your adult-self stimulated too. With spiced chocolate sauce, hazelnut chocolate swirl ice cream, praline chocolate macaron, rose petals and Persian fairy floss, they're completely over the top and we love it.

Ice Cream Sandwich | Piggy Food Co

North Fremantle

In keeping with the piggy theme, eating a whole ice cream sandwich at Piggy Food Co in North Fremantle requires a hefty appetite and some perseverance. Dwarfed by the sheer size, you’ll feel like a kid again munching on a salted caramel, strawberries and cream or choc fudge ice cream between two huge cookies. It's like a good ol' Giant Sandwich on crack.

Ricotta Gelato Cannoli | Chicho Gelato


This one is for the kids that grew up with their Nonna’s feeding them cannolis. Chicho Gelato is keeping the childhood legacy alive—their version is piped with ricotta gelato, a drizzle of chocolate sauce and a cherry on top.

White Chocolate And Mixed Berry Cheesecake Muffle | Muffle & Co


When waffle meets ice cream, you get a Muffle—a delicious waffle cone, made out of a real warm, fluffy waffle. Topped with soft serve ice cream, cheesecake, strawberries and mixed berry sauce, this is the stuff dreams are made of.  

Taiyaki Soft Serve | Whisk Creamery

Northbridge And Subiaco

Novelty value is important for any kid and Whisk Creamery have cleverly exploited our childhood weakness by offering us gelato in a fish-shaped pancake cone. With the gelato of your choice gaping out of the mouth of your coy fish cone and endless toppings to choose from, ordering this one is a must-do for any giant kid.

Banoffee Pancakes | Tropico

North Beach

This breakfast from Tropcio is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the taste buds. A stack of thick, fluffy pancakes drowned in banana compote and butterscotch sauce, topped with a big pile of caramelised popcorn—mornings don't get much better than this.

Fluffy Bunnies | West End Deli Cereal And Sandwich Bar


No list of Perth dishes fit for a kid would be complete without some mention of the West End Deli Cereal and Sandwich Bar would it? Just about any of the breakfasts here will make your inner-kid smile, but the fluffy bunnies with Lucky Charms, malted milk crumble, toasted marshmallows, Milo and white chocolate will make it scream!

Rainbow Brite Freakshake | MOP Donuts


This bright pink concoction from MOP is topped with a giant lollipop, a chocolate freckle AND a piece of cake. What the what?! Plus it's overflowing with cotton candy, coloured popcorn and sprinkles. This is diabetes waiting to happen, but totally worth it just once!

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Piggy Food Co | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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