17 Apps That Will Make Returning To Work Bearable

By Catherine Blake
11th Jan 2017

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To make going back to work (somewhat) bearable, we've found some nifty apps aimed to alleviate all stresses and impracticalities of office life so that you can get stuck into the glorious grind. And how’s this for an early bonus; most of these techno life-changers are completely free so you can put your hard-earned cash towards that credit card limit you blew last month.

Here are 17 apps that will make returning to work in 2017 bearable.

Smart Alarm Clock

Let’s start with the hardest and most gruelling part about returning to work: getting out of bed. Rather than jolt you awake with the horrifying anthems of an Apple stock tone, Smart Alarm Clock coaxes us into the day, taking into account our sleeping patterns and activity levels from the previous cycle. Waking up every day feeling refreshed and well-rested makes this piece of tech worth every cent of the $1.99 price tag.

Otto Radio

A godsend for the busy commuter with their own set of wheels, Otto Radio is your aural filter of podcasts, music and news designed to free up your hands and keep you in the loops most important to you. Each user’s account is tailored to their interests and designed to extract the most relevant and captivating nuggets so you don’t have to wade through tides of useless bullsh.

Super Mario Run

Yep, this is now a thing. For the same reasons everyone foamed over the video game in the 80s, we can guarantee that Super Mario Run will hook you harder and faster than a Netflix original and make you look forward to your morning commute.


What Words With Friends is to Scrabble, Quiz Up is to Trivial Pursuit. Play solo or pit yourself against another random quizzer in one of Quiz Up’s constantly growing pool of topics from Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or Seinfeld to Beatles Solo Careers and Rio 2016. A cheeky confidence booster before work.  

Keeper Password Manager

As the name suggests, Keeper makes sure you never have to rely on crude mnemonics ever again. Keeper even helps you generate titanic passwords—numbers, symbols, capital letters, hieroglyphics, the works—to make sure your stuff stays well protected. It can also store files, photos and other stuff you want firmly under wraps and backed up in Keeper’s Cloud Security Vault.


Desk strewn with Post-Its? Can never find that really really important scrap of paper you were holding in your hand yesterday? Thanks to Paperless, paper notes are an obsolete format for keeping track of all your jottings. Paperless even syncs between all your devices via Dropbox (remember her?), which is a total lifesaver if you’re the kind of person who writes important numbers on the backs of receipts.


Get out of Apple Notes and scribbling reminders on the back of your hand, Wunderlist is here to get your priorities in nice neat order and we couldn’t be more grateful. Wunderlist can organise everything from groceries to work tasks into nifty little lists, remind you of upcoming deadlines, and even wake you gently. We live for that little ‘bing’ affirming a job done.


Calendars synched, meetings planned, notes organised: Solid is a task manager to rival the Filofax. This app keeps everyone up to date exporting all the details, notes and minutes from every meeting at the touch of a button. Solid works brilliantly to relay info on external meetings and helps keep members on track for team projects.

Pocket Yoga

This small but mighty yoga app can turn anywhere into a yoga studio, even the space beside your desk. It can walk you through classes of any level and any length and can even function without network connectivity (unlike us) so it actually is perfect for anytime, anywhere.


Every wondered how much you could get done in a day if you didn’t get distracted? RescueTime is here to save your seconds and keep you on track to the point where you are enviously productive. It runs silently in the background of your computer and phone, monitoring where you go and for how long, then it reports back on your daily activity. Once you know what your biggest time wasters are, RescueTime can then block or reduce your daily time limits on those applications leaving you with nothing but unwavering focus.

Nutcache Time Logger

Timesheets are the bane of life and make no mistake. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone else could keep track of everything you do while you do it and stand by with a stopwatch for easy and accurate billing every time? Wish no more, Nutcache is just such a timekeeper. Easy to use, happy to see you and accurate to the millisecond, this app is perfect for client based billing.

Goodbudget Budget Planner

Make the fruits of your payday go the distance with a money manager that tucks neatly into your homescreen. Goodbudget tracks your spending and helps you set budgets and stay within them. It’s effective, easy to use and so much cheaper than a full-time accountant counting pennies. 


Instant messaging with purpose, Slack is great for team projects and generally keeping abreast of all the inter-office happenings. Simply start a thread, invite members and never be left out of the loop.


We made the switch from clumsy email attachments to the sleekness of Dropbox and we’ve never looked back. Made to obliterate double-handling, now everyone gets access to team documents and the powers to edit and view edits easily with minimal to no confusion. 

Uber Eats

A new year means new deadlines and the only thing that chafes against a late night worse than hunger is shitty takeaway. Uber Eats is having none of this. Order your favourite meals from your favourite restaurants and receive fresh, fast delivery from one of Ubers zippy drivers in record time so you can spend more energy on burning the midnight oil.


In the age of the picky punter, remembering coffee orders is a fraught endeavour with more things to mess up than a moon landing. This is of course in direct tension with your desire to be everyone’s best friend. Enter Anyrun, an app solely for the purpose of remembering everyone’s coffee order the next time you’re cashed up and at the café. Users can freely change their coffee order so you’re never acting on old data and the whole operation pretty much guarantees you the title of MVP.


Now we’ve arrived at the end of our day, Headspace rocks up to usher us out of the working mindset and turn our blasters to ‘chill’. A brilliant way to wind down and tap into our mindfulness, this guide to meditation will help you to stress less, exercise more, and sleep better in just ten minutes every day. A must-have for the corporate claymore.

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