30 Awesome Kris Kringle Pressies Under $20

By Kristy Warren
10th Dec 2015

Kris Kringle, Christmas, Christmas Presents, 30 Awesome Kris Kringle Pressies Under $20

Tis the season to be jolly! It’s also the season to over-indulge in maple-glazed ham, guzzle back the champers and to shop up a storm. Let it rain people, Christmas is all about giving after all!

With only a few weeks to go and plenty more spending to be done, we’ve hunted high and low to find you some Christmas goodies that are pretty on the eye and light on the wallet.

Operation Kris Kringle sorted! Here are 30 great gifts for under 20 big ones!

  1. For anyone who loves P-town, this ‘Perth is the new black’ print would make the perfect gift ($19.99)
  2. For your friend who loves extra froth, this Matcha Latte Frother will be their new best friend ($12)
  3. For the gal who tends to go a little overboard during the festive season, this Detox Pamper Pack will help them get their life back on track ($15.95)
  4. For that dapper dude in your life, this Gentleman & Scholar Floyd Pocket Square won't go astray ($12)
  5. For that movie-loving friend, this Popcorn Lip Scrub is the way to tastes like salted caramel popcorn! ($9.95)
  6. For all the vodka afficionados in your life, get this Absolut Vodka Mini Flavour Mix ($19.99)
  7. For that crafty friend, this Blacklist Dream/Create Pocket Notebook set makes for a thoughtful gift ($14.95)
  8. For anyone who didn't get engaged this year, this Zakkia Small Concrete Diamond makes up for the fact they don't have a rock on their finger ($15)
  9. For the dude still sporting his Movember moustache, some Mo Wax won't go astray ($12)
  10. For all the non coffee drinkers in your life, get them some Festivitea ($16)
  11. For anyone who likes a terrarium, this Mini Kokenest is the next best thing ($20)
  12. For that person who just moved house, this Concrete Tea-Light Candle Holder will brighten up their day ($20)
  13. For the dad who enjoys an ice-cold whiskey, get these On The Rocks Whisky Cooling Stones ($19.95)
  14. For the gym junkie in your life, these Smoothie Bombs from Inner Ego will blow their mind ($13)
  15. For your friend who loves a bit of pampering, this Lime, Basil & Wild Orange Body Scrub will have them feeling and smelling amazing, it's a win win! ($15.95)
  16. For the dude who's beard could use a little TLC, get him this Beard Tonic ($20)
  17. For your work buddy who loves to get their glow on, this Bali Body Gift Voucher will help them on their way ($10)
  18. For the coffee-addict in your life, this Coconut Body Scrub (made with real coffee) will have them feeling smooth and perky ($17.95)
  19. For any of the pug-loving men in your life, they'll love these Trunks With Christmas Pug Print ($11)
  20. For anyone who needs a little extra help to get focussed, the Smith & Co Focus Essential Oil will do just that ($14.95)
  21. For your nanna, the Salted Caramel Reindeer Tart from Shingle Inn will go down a treat ($12.90)
  22. For anyone at all, get some Bahen Almond Sea Salt Chocolate, because chocolate ($9.90)
  23. For that arty friend who loves a bit of industrial-chic, these Zindi Cube Concrete Pots will put a smile on their dial ($20)
  24. For your grown-up friends who love colouring in, adult playdo is the next big thing ($9.95)
  25. For any candle-loving friend, these Clover Soy Candles will blow them away—the Banana Frappe candle would go down a treat ($17)
  26. For that person who lives at the beach all summer long, this tropical print helps bring a little slice of paradise indoors ($20)
  27. For you friend who loves Christmas so much they want to smell like it, this Self-Organics Gingerbread Soap is your best bet ($11)
  28. For the guy who loves beer and loves it cold, get him this Everlasting Beer Freezer Mug ($18.95)
  29. For any girl with hair, this Sea Salt Hair Mist will be a welcome addition to their beauty cabinet ($13.95)
  30. For your friends whose pets are their children, get them Dry Dog Wash, it's like dry shampoo for your pooch! ($15)

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Image Credit: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Trees from Lovely Little Kitchen

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