50 Ways To Do Good In Perth This Year

By Anna Franklyn
9th Mar 2017

Life is busy, we hear ya! We would all love to spend one day every month at our favourite charity doing some good and getting all of the warm fuzzies, but weeks slip by and all of a sudden three months have passed since you started googling 'how to save the planet'. If you just can't seem to find a big chunk of time to dedicate to charity, we've found 50 ways you can do good this month—and you'll barely even notice you're doing them.

  1. Take your granny some treats from Bites By D.
  2. If you're feeling a bit fancy, grab yourself a ticket to Perth's Longest Lunch at the new Crown Towers and help raise some dosh for Brightwater
  3. That friend who has just had a baby? Go directly to her house, do the laundry, clean the house, make her a cuppa and then leave.
  4. Next time you need new clothes, head to one of the Reloved Fashion stores in North Perth, Subiaco or Fremantle—all the proceeds go directly to RSCPA. Winning!
  5. Pass your parking ticket with loads of time on it onto the next person.
  6. Go to a cafe and slip your waiter/waitress the biggest note you can afford.
  7. Gents, this one's for you—show support for the lovely ladies in your life by dressing in pink this June. After all Real Men Wear Pink!
  8. Hustle the girls and rock your most shmexy purple bra this June to help raise funds for Breast Cancer WA.
  9. Leave kind post-it notes in random public bathrooms.
  10. Clean out your work wardrobe and donate the clothes you don't wear anymore to Dress For Success.
  11. Let someone into your lane. Driving’s not a competition, you know.
  12. This one's a biggy, we'll admit it, but if you're thinking about buying a pet, why not adopt instead? Dogs' Refuge Home and Cat Haven both have hundreds of animals looking for a new home—and you get a new best mate!
  13. Grab your co-workers or a group of friends and spend an afternoon cooking up a storm at Ronald McDonald House. Once you're done, sit down with the kids and their families and have a chat, then feel all of the warm fuzzies. 
  14. Go and give someone an honest-to-goodness hug. Only let go when they do.
  15. Make your loved one breakfast in bed.
  16. Choose not to say anything negative about anyone behind their backs.
  17. Stop and buy something from the kids selling lemonade on the side of the road.
  18. Give a compliment.
  19. Go and spend some money at Oxfam
  20. Offer to buy a homeless person outside the supermarket anything they’d like.
  21. Send a ‘thinking of you’ text to someone who you haven’t seen in awhile.
  22. Call or visit that friend who’s going through a hard time and listen. Really listen.
  23. Volunteer to do something extraordinary. Or just something ordinary. It all counts.
  24. Give up your seat on the bus or train.
  25. Feel like giving abseiling a try? Why not raise some cash for the Perth's Children Hospital while you're at it.
  26. Or how about skydiving? Go and Dive for Dogs over Rockingham Beach.
  27. Smile. At anyone and everyone…even if it does make you look a bit strange.
  28. If you can manage to give up a day, go and help to save our coastline by planting some trees with Conservation Volunteers Australia
  29. Offer to carry someone’s groceries to their car.
  30. Become an organ donor
  31. When you overhear something nice about someone, pass it on.
  32. Choose one of your favourite items and donate it to the local hospice.
  33. Too much? Then give some of your quality gear that you no longer use.
  34. Hold the elevator for someone.
  35. Send a random email to your boss thanking them for what they do. They don’t hear that enough.
  36. Is it raining? Offer to share your umbrella with someone who is getting wet.
  37. Don’t wait for a formal invite to clean up a beach—grab some friends and pick up 50 pieces each. You good Aussie, you.
  38. Have an actual conversation with your Uber driver. You’ll be surprised by their stories.
  39. Write a letter—an actual letter—to a child you know.
  40. Put away your phone when you’re with friends and family.
  41. In need of a new water bottle? Memo Bottle will donate $1 from every purchase to water.org—that's enough to provide safe drinking water to one person for 10 months.
  42. Use your manners. It’s basic, but a goodie.
  43. Buy a Lotto ticket and give it to a stranger. Ouch, bet that hurt!
  44. Call your mum. She loves you, you know.
  45. Got an old tennis racquet lying around? Or even just some swimming goggles. Donate them to Fair Game.
  46. Or if you've got a drawer full of old prescription glasses you don't know what to do with them, send them to OneSight.
  47. Sign up to Who Gives A Crap and get your toilet paper delivered straight to your door. 50% of the proceeds go towards building toilets for those in need. The other 50% are invested straight back into the business so they can raise even more moulah!
  48. While you're at it, sign up to Gift Box who will donate a box of tampons to a woman in need for every box you purchase. That's an easy way to feel good. Period.
  49. Donate blood—one donation can save three lives, plus you'll get some tasty treats at the end.
  50. Offer to babysit or dogsit for a friend.

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Image credit: Alucha County

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