50 Things Every West Aussie Remembers From Their Childhood

By Chloe Sputore
27th Jul 2016

things new zealanders remember from their childhood

As far as places to spend your childhood go, Western Australia has got to be one of the best. We’ve got beaches, hot summers and mild winters, not to mention a whole lot of quality television produced right here on our sunny shores.

From school camps to pizza parties, Bad Girl boardies to Kenny the Echidna, growing up in WA in the 80s and 90s was actually pretty special.

Here are 50 things every West Aussie remembers from their childhood.

  1. Waking up early to catch the end of Rage before switching over to Video Hits.
  2. Having to get up to press pause/play/rewind on your VHS player, unless you were one of the lucky few who had a one-meter cord remote.
  3. Sniggering with your girlfriends while reading Dolly Doctor but really having no idea what half of the content is about because you haven’t gone through puberty yet.
  4. Feeling like a total boss when your teacher gave you a scratch and sniff sticker.
  5. Begging your mum to buy you stick on earrings whenever you were at Coles.
  6. Watching Mr Squiggle and being totally bad-ass at guessing what the squiggle was before they turned it around.
  7. That friend of a friend who starred on A-Maze-Ing.
  8. Bad Girl and Bad Boy were the only acceptable brands to wear.
  9. Picking out your birthday cake from The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book.
  10. If you didn’t own Impulse body spray you weren’t cool.
  11. Sweating up a storm on your plastic school chair because your school didn’t get air-conditioning until the year after you graduated.
  12. Covering your walls and books with cut-outs from your beloved Video Hits magazine.
  13. Reading Sweet Valley High and wishing you were as cool as Jessica until you realise Liz is really the cooler one.
  14. Making chatterboxes any time a blank sheet of paper landed on your desk.
  15. Watching Agro while you chowed down on your morning bowl of Coco Pops.
  16. Four Square was the only game worth playing and when you were king you felt like God.
  17. Spending your pocket money on disposable cameras and taking 15 pictures of the same thing and 15 pictures with your finger covering the lens.
  18. The sweet dulcet sounds of dial up Internet connecting you to the World Wide Web.
  19. Asking everyone what their A/S/L are on mIRC, ICQ and MSN.
  20. School camp trips to Rotto.
  21. Your mum putting everything on layby.
  22. Honky nuts everywhere.
  23. Swiping hair mascara through your tresses prior to any special event.
  24. Annoying your friend’s parents by calling 1800 REVERSE and sending their phone bill sky high.
  25. Racing home to watch Round the Twist, Ship to Shore and Ocean Girl.
  26. Heading to the video store on the first day of holidays and hiring out the school holiday special—two new releases and 10 weeklies—and then watching them all in less than three days.
  27. Playing Spotto and I Spy on long road trips because there was nothing else to do.
  28. Writing in to Disney Adventures in the hopes of winning a cool prize pack.
  29. Blissful weekends at home watching Australia’s Funniest Home Videos and Hey Hey It’s Saturday.
  30. After school playdates with Cottee’s Cordial and swiss rolls.
  31. Spending hours crimping your hair and then whipping it up into a side pony (with a scrunchy of course).
  32. Playing the original version of Pokemon on your Game Boy.
  33. 13 11 66 (Pizza Hut Delivery). AND pizza parties of course!
  34. Stealing the TV guide and planning what you were going to watch during the week ahead.
  35. Playing elastics or marbles every recess.
  36. When we all had to add a 9 to our telephone numbers for reasons we still do not know today.
  37. Vienetta was a totally classy dessert.
  38. Getting to go to a birthday party in the McDonalds plane in Midland was the all-time best thing that ever happened to you.
  39. Trading basketball cards and tazos at school before your school principal ruined all the fun and banned them.
  40. Your first international holiday to Bali, probably flying Ansett.
  41. You either watched Neighbours or Home and Away and you were very opinionated about it.
  42. Staying up way later than Fat Cat and Kenny the Echidna.
  43. Your Goosebumps and Baby Sitters Club books were your most prized possessions.
  44. Everyone’s dad had a big crush on Jo Beth Taylor.
  45. This torturous hair device.
  46. Visiting Trisha the elephant at Perth Zoo.
  47. School excursions to Scitech, Underwater World and Pioneer World.
  48. When the number one shopping destination in the city was Aherns.
  49. Getting double bounced on the trampoline was the scariest thing to ever happen to you.
  50. The Bakers Delight value packs that came with strawberry scrolls, plus other delights like Warheads, Fads, Le Snak and Yogo.

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