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The Best Spots For Your First Romantic Getaway Around Perth

By Kirsty Petrides
5th Sep 2017

The first trip you go on with a new partner can be stressful. Not only are you forced to maintain the façade you’ve created for an extended period of time (pretending you’re really in to soccer when you would in fact rather watch paint dry will inevitably get exhausting over a whole weekend) you also need to think about proximity and location.

You don’t want to venture too far, because a long plane ride could get awkward when you don’t know each other that well yet. And you want to make sure wherever you go has ample activities, so you don’t run out of things to talk about on your romantic vacay. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks for your first romantic getaway around Perth.

The Swan Valley

Obviously, the Swan Valley is a no-brainer for your first romantic trip. Minimal driving and maximum wine. Take your date out for some winery tastings, impress them with some French baked goods at the divine French patisserie, Maison St Honore, and drop in to Mandoon Estate for a picnic.


If your date doesn’t mind camping,  pack the tent and head north to Cervantes for warmer temps and stunning beaches. Pack some wine and cheese and sit around your tent enjoying the serenity and clear night sky. (Nothing more romantic than stars, people.) Alternatively, the caravan park up there has impressive BBQ and kitchen facilities—so boys, pack some meat and show your girl your amazing man skills on the barbie. If you have no man skills, head to the local Cervantes Bar and Bistro and just buy her a steak instead.

The Ferguson Valley

Jam packed with wineries, restaurants, walking trails, magic scenery and cosy accommodation, the Ferguson Valley is a fab spot to take your new squeeze. And it’s only a few hours away from Perth. Go wine tasting, dine at some of the incredible cellar door restaurants and even go traipsing through nature on one of the many bushland walking trails.


Serpentine is not too far to venture from the CBD and boasts some beaut wineries, nice restaurants and plenty of nature to admire. Millbrook Winery is a good spot to start with some wine tastings, then take your pick from one of the local eateries and afterwards, go for a stroll through Serpentine National Park. With loads of bed and breakfasts and caravan parks, you won’t struggle to find someone to crash for the night either.


The charming little country town of Dwellingup is a perfect romantic getaway spot, not just because of the boutique wineries and restaurants, but also because its home to a real life orchard which provides a pretty speccy romantic backdrop. Caraholly Orchard is three kilometres from the centre of Dwellingup, in a valley with spectacular views of fruit trees and dams surrounded by pine trees. Magic.


So many activities, you may not even have to worry about conversation starters. As far the natures go—you can camp, go four wheel driving, climb a giant look out tree (yes, it’s a thing—go look it up), go exploring through the Karri Forest or go on a wildflower adventure. (Boys, pick your lady a bunch of flowers. Because romance.) And for wining and dining, take your new date to Foragers, where you can enjoy one of their amazing seasonal dinners or take part in a cooking class. Oh, and you can stay the night in their luxe accommodation too. How convenient.

Margaret River

No explanation needed really. Food. Wine. Breweries. Beaches. Parks. Scenery. A chocolate factory. Woodfired bread. The Providore. Petra Olive Oil. More accommodation options that you can poke a grapevine at. You won’t struggle to fill your days and keep your weekend-long date ticking along.


If you’re super cashed up and can afford to take someone you don’t really know that well to Rottnest, then good for you. A short ferry ride gets to you the natural wonderland where you can enjoy all the fun outdoor things—bike riding, swimming, snorkelling and drinking. If you really want to show how cashed up you are, stay at the Rottnest Hotel.

Perth Hills

The Perth Hills region won’t take you long to get to, and when you do, there’ll be loads of fun for you to enjoy with your new date. For the outdoorsy active couples, you can go bushwalking, bike riding or camping. For everyone else, you can go gaze in to each other's eyes while sampling some of the local drops at the many wineries.  


One of the cutest quaint old towns you’ll experience, York has loads to offer for couples seeking a nice chilled out trip as well those wanting some adventure. We recommend staying at Hope Farm Guest House, the perfect mix of country and modern-luxury. Not only is it great for doing absolutely nothing and finally getting the rest you and your partner needed, but they also have a variety of activities on offer like skydiving, ballooning, golfing and plenty more.

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Image credit: Anna Franklyn

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