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Brow Queen Alison Jade On The Brow Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

By Tessa Gallagher
18th Nov 2015

She's the unofficial eyebrow queen of Perth and one of the hardest appointment to get in town.

Beginning her career as a makeup artist, it wasn’t until Alison Jade discovered the importance of eyebrows that she found her niche. If you’re one of the lucky regulars at her Cottesloe salon, you know that Alison shapes, waxes, tweezes, cuts, tints and bleaches your eyebrows to perfection.

We caught up with Alison to talk brow mistakes, brow sceptics and how the right eyebrow shape can completely change your face. Is your brow game strong?

How did you get into eyebrow shaping?

I started my career out as make-up artist. It soon become obvious to me just how important brows are and what the shape of them can do for your face. After I finished my training I was employed at a high end brow studio and I have been styling eyebrows for 11 years now.

Why are brows so important?

I think more people are aware of what it can do for their overall appearance and how groomed you feel. When you have the correct shape, they change the overall appearance of your face, making it appear more symmetrical and youthful. 

Most common brow mistakes?

Over plucked brows! If the damage has been done over time you may not be able to grow them out. It usually takes around 6-12 months to fully grow your brows out. If they do not grow back we recommend Feather Touch Tattooing or alternatively you can have regular appointments with a stylist to keep your brows in the best shape possible to make filling your brows in easier. Another common mistake is applying to much brow product to the front of your brows. It is never a good look to have really dark fronts to your brows and light ends. Try starting at the middle to end of your brow and working your way to the front when you don’t have much product on your brush.

Biggest horror story you’ve come across?

I see them everyday but the worst case scenarios usually involve people pulling their eyebrows out and tattooing that has been done in the wrong shape.

Biggest do’s when it comes to your brows?

  1. Try to make regular visits to a professional to keep your shape.
  2. Stay as close to your natural shape as possible this will be the most flattering arch and shape for your face.
  3. Choose the right brow product that suits you—we recommend powder or a gel rather than pencils.

Biggest Dont's when it comes to your brows?

  1. Over tweezing or tweezing the tops of your brows at home.
  2. Drawing your brows on too heavy, if it looks like your brows are painted on you’re doing it wrong. Try short light strokes instead for a more flattering finish.
  3. Using a brow product that is too dark for your complexion. It instantly ages your face.

What do you say to people who think getting their brows shaped is a waste of time/money?

Once you have had your brows shaped professionally, there is no looking back. Our clients say on a regular basis they would sacrifice other luxuries in life but never their brows!

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Image credit: Alison Jade

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