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By Sarah Joanna Pope
18th Aug 2015

Chu Bakery Highgate Perth Cafe Bread
Things To Do In Perth
Chu Bakery Highgate Perth Cafe Bread
Things To Do In Perth

New kid on the block, Chu Bakery, is keeping it simple, classy and to the point in their little corner shop which has already been dubbed Perth's best bakery, ­amassing many happy regulars in the process. 

It’s a deceptively simple formula to the untrained eye; consistently good food and drink, neighbourly service and a pinch of X factor. And yet it’s a formula that so many seem to get wrong, much to their detriment. But not Ryan and Seren Chu, who already have the spoilt-for-choice locals queuing out the door of their new Perth bakery.

Time your visit wrong (the place can get pretty packed as early as 8:30am) and you may be greeted with the sight of barren shelves and large blobs of dough ready to be baked for someone more lucky than you. Time it right, and you will have a choice of some of the best bakery goods in Perth.

Chu hits all the marks of a fine Parisian patisserie with its selection of pastries and cakes; Raspberry Almond Croissants, Caneles, Strawberry and Cream Tarts and Boston Cream Doughnuts to die for – or kill for, if you don’t feel like lining up.

There are also some more unique creations on offer from the talented Mr Chu – like the Matcha Yuzo Chu Puff, a combination of Choux pastry filled with Matcha Chantilly and Yuzu Jelly.

The bread and baguettes are the most illusive fare at this artisan bakery, snapped up quickly each morning by eager locals. Golden loaves with a crispy, caramelised crust are glossy and airy inside. The wholemeal spelt loaf, beneath it’s crusty exterior, is impressively light and moist – which, as any spelt lover knows, is no easy feat for the often brick-like loaf. The sourdough is equally impressive ­- I’ve already been to a local dinner party where it was served as dessert, toasted and smothered in Nutella. Drool!

A great location is part of the winning formula for the already popular bakery, which has taken over the old corner deli across from Hyde Park (on William and Lincoln), capturing most park goers who would normally have to settle with a soft serve from the ice cream truck. 

Inside, a clean and minimalist refurb leaves no trace behind of the old run-down deli. It's now all clean white tiles, Tasmanian oak, golden pendant light fittings and an open plan – so you can watch the baking magic happen. 

For a lunch or breakfast on the go, enjoyed in the park or the benches outside, Chu serves a choice selection of baguettes and toasties. Their toast selection offers toppings that show you just how much can be done with the humble loaf; Hummus, Cucumber and Chilli, Prosciutto Pear and Brie, Kaya Banana Coconut or simply Vegemite or Jam. You even get to choose your own bread.

Chu ticks all the boxes for their caffeine options; Dukes coffee beans are on offer under their espresso and filter selection ­and I can’t wait to try the Valrhona hot chocolate. They also offer hipster must-haves like almond milk and cold brew from the fridge. The coffee here hits the spot, but I suspect it’s the food that really keeps everyone coming back. 

It’s obvious from my carby ramblings that I’m already a Chu devotee, making the stroll down William Street to pop in many a morning. But don’t just take my word for it; proof is the throngs of people crowding inside the tiny space for whatever crumbs are left behind the glass cabinets. 

Want to know the location, opening hours, and all the details? Find Chu Bakery on the DirectoryT

Image credit: Louise Coghill

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