Everything You Should Have Eaten If You Live In Perth

By Chloe Sputore - 14 Mar 2016

Cafe 2Twenty Four | Image Credit: Nancy Hanna

Oh Perth, you spectacular, insatiable, glorious, delicious, caffeine-addicted, wine-guzzling, pulsating, incredible (and several other such positive adjectives) city we call home, how very much we adore you.

Yet while on the outside, residing in one of the world’s most liveable cities may appear a heavenly dream, it also creates an enormous challenge, that Perthians are all too familiar with—choosing where and what to eat.

The challenge is real.

However, luckily for Perth, we at The Urban List trawl far and wide, high and low, inside and out and over and under every week, to find the best of the best—ensuring no meal is wasted, as food-envy is an emotion no one should have to live through.

And just to make it EVEN easier (because we love you), we’ve compiled all our favourite hit-lists in one ridiculously handy email—all of Perth's best eats sent conveniently to your inbox.

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