This Perth Restaurant Is Celebrating World Chocolate Day With Chocolate Gnocchi

By Anna Franklyn
4th Jul 2018

This is not a drill people! Gazette in Perth is dishing up chocolate gnocchi to celebrate the holiest of days—World Chocolate Day!

Yes, World Chocolate Day is a real thing (obviously) and it is happening this Saturday 6 July. While you could sit around at home and gorge on chocolate (no judgement), we'd highly recommend getting yourself to the CBD to try this chocolate gnocchi.

It's made from dark Valrhona chocolate, flour and a couple of other secret ingredients, dusted in cinnamon sugar and topped with white chocolate shavings (to look like parmesan, duh) and raspberries.  

If you're a true chocolate fiend, head next door to Print Hall afterwards for a Bounty Cocktail—rum spiked hot chocolate with coconut rum, chocolate syrup and shredded coconut—or their Chocolate Black Forest Sour—cookies and cream syrup, dark chocolate and blackberry liqueur. Yep, this is living.

The best news? The chocolate gnocchi will only set you back $12 and it's sticking around for winter, so no problems if you've already got plans on Saturday.

Once you've tried that, here are Perth's best desserts to work your way through. 

Image credit: Miel & Ricotta

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