Get Meghan Markle’s Wedding Bod With This Workout

By Tessa Gallagher
23rd Apr 2018

So I know you guys are wondering how you’re going to celebrate next month’s royal nuptials between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Do you a) throw an English tea party complete with Pimms, cucumber sandwiches and spotted dick pudding, b) practice the unique art of queuing or c) commit to the workout that got Harry’s fiancee such a bangin’ bod and sign up to the May Megaformer challenge at La Fit Studio?

We’re not saying you’ll nab a prince of your own if you choose c…but we’re not saying you won’t either, you know?

For those that are new to Lagree, read this. Basically this high intensity, low impact workout is dubbed ‘pilates on crack’ for a reason—it’s one of the toughest classes in Perth but it gets results fast.

The rundown on the challenge is this: You need to do at least two classes a week for the month of May (you’ll have your measurements taken at the start and finish) and you’ll be joining participants from Lagree fitness studios around the world aiming to transform their bodies and minds. You’ll also go into the draw to win some seriously awesome prizes—like your very own Megaformer (umm yes please!)

Both Subiaco and Highgate studios will be putting on extra classes to give challengers more choice and the best chance of achieving results.

Get registering as there are only 100 spots available! More deets available here.

Image credit: Best Health Mag

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