Gusto Gelato Is Celebrating Spring With 7 Limited Release Desserts

By Anna Franklyn
4th Sep 2017

Gusto Gelato Is Celebrating Spring With 7 Limited Release Desserts

Spring has sprung and Gusto Gelato is celebrating with 7 Days of Sin. Sounds almost too delicious to be true, doesn't it?

Starting today and running until Sunday 10 September, Gusto will be offering one drool-worthy dessert at the Leederville store from 6pm each day, and you can expect goodness like chocolate salty baos, dessert tacos and doughnut waffles. Holy moly.

Here's the line-up, all you need to do is figure out which ones you absolutely can't miss (all of them?) and persuade your friends to join you!

The Doffle

Monday 4 September 

Glazed doughnuts pressed in a hot waffle iron and filled with your choice of gelato. OMFG.

Taco Tuesday

Tuesday 5 September 

A waffle cone taco filled with hot Nutella fudge, your choice of gelato and salted caramel sauce. 

Chocolate Salty Baos

Wednesday 6 September 

Steamed bao buns with salted caramel gelato and dark chocolate fudge sauce. Can you get diabetes from reading?

Deep Fried Gelato Burrito

Thursday 7 September 

Vanilla gelato wrapped in a sweet crepe with chocolate fudge, battered and then fried. Yes, this is real life.

Crinkle Cut Sundae

Friday 8 September 

Salty crinkle cut potato chips topped with two scoops of gelato of your choice, hot Nutella fudge, crushed nuts and marshmallow pieces. The perfect combo of salty and sweet!


Saturday 9 September 

A brioche toasted sandwich with a salted caramel crust, filled with your choice of gelato and chocolate sauce.

Edible Cookie Cup

Sunday 10 September 

A choc chip cookie cup filled with Nutella and topped with a scoop of gelato. Because Sundays are for simple pleasures.

Remember, these limited release desserts are only available at Gusto in Leederville, so don't go rocking up to Elizabeth Quay tonight asking for a doffle.

Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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