How To Prove Your Love For The Eagles In Grand Final Week

By Tessa Gallagher
1st Oct 2015

West Coast Eagles Fans AFL Grand Final 2015

It has nearly been a decade since the Eagles ran out onto the MCG in a Grand Final appearance.

That’s right guys, nine long years watching Hawthorn, Sydney and Geelong win premiership after premiership.

Kudos to those fans who never became ashamed to show their colours, even when West Coast were flapping about helplessly on the bottom of the ladder. And for those who pretended not to care about AFL anymore, or hitch their wagon to the Dockers…welcome back!

As Adam Simpson leads the Eagles to (fingers crossed) their 4th premiership, it’s time for the Eagles faithful to go mental.

Here are 15 ways you can show your love for the Eagles in Grand Final week as they prepare to take on the Hawks.

  1. Play the 1971 classic smash hit Eagle Rock and maybe anything from iconic American band The Eagles loudly and repeatedly at your workplace throughout the week.
  2. Constantly grumble about how Hawks champion (and legend of the game) Luke Hodge isn’t THAT good at footy anyway and reassure people (your bus driver, mail man, your neighbour’s cat) that you’re not at all worried about him having a huge game on Grand Final day.
  3. Take a cue from the media and keep referring to Sunday’s game as ‘The Big Dance’.
  4. Spend every evening this week carbo loading so as to get yourself ‘ready for game day’.
  5. Place eight little candles in your window to commemorate each little death you have suffered every time the Eagles have failed to win a premiership since 2006.
  6. Ring up your Docker-supporting mates on the hour every hour singing the Eagles club song.
  7. If you are lucky enough to be in Melbourne for the game, buy a coffee and then proceed to tell everyone how coffee in Perth is sooooooo much better.
  8. Make the subject line of any email you send this week reference a classic Eagles moment, no matter what the actual email is about. For example, respond to a meeting reminder at work with the subject line: ‘Peter Sumich bags 6 goals to wrap up the 1992 grand final against Geelong’, or if you are replying to your mum’s question about how to turn off predictive text, make it, ‘John Worsfold Shirtfronts Dermott Brereton at Subi Oval in 1991’.
  9. Driving across the nullabor for 'The Big Dance'? (refer to number 3) Live tweet your journey hour by hour.
  10. Painting your nails is so passé. Use nail polish to paint your teeth blue and yellow to really light up your smile.
  11. Ride to work all week on an actual Eagle. For maximum security, take some fish with you for when said Eagle gets hungry.
  12. Recreate some of the best Eagles hair-do’s of all time—we’re thinking Karl Langdon’s peroxide blonde do, Fraser Gehrig’s flowing locks, Nic Nat’s dreadies, Chris Masten’s top knot and Craig Turley’s bob.
  13. You know that money you had been putting aside to buy a house with? Invest it in a jumbo HD television to watch the game on instead. If you can’t clearly see every tiny pore on the player’s face, you’re not a real fan.
  14. Paint your parents’ car blue and yellow. I wouldn’t recommend doing it to your own car as it will vastly diminish its resale value.
  15. As a show of confidence, get the Eagles logo and the words ‘2015 PREMIERS GO YOU GOOD THING!!’ tattooed on your neck before the weekend. If it just so happens that they DON’T win, email me and I’ll explain how it can be quite easily turned into something else.

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Image credit: Zimbio

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