Loafing Around | 8 Loafers We’re Loving Right Now

By Anna Franklyn
10th Mar 2016

The androgynous look taking off is possibly the best thing that’s happened in the whole world, ever. Mostly because androgynous fashion = cool girl flats (and lets not forget that time Kanye West wore a skirt). Sneakers, brogues and loafers are now all acceptable going out attire, huzzah!

If you haven’t given the whole boy meets girl look a whirl yet, loafers are the perfect gateway drug shoe. Start dainty and ease your way into the chunky ones.

#1 The Classic

Tod’s are the loafer masters of the world, not surprising considering they’ve been making shoes since the 1920s. The iconic Gommini loafer will never let you down, no matter what the occasion. In fact, we recommend having a pair in every colour. #ifmoneygrewontrees

Tod's Gommini Leather Loafers avaiable at

#2 The Bones

These bad boys have been around for a little while and they’re still as cute as ever. Up there as one of the comfiest shoes you’ll ever own, and really, how often do you get to don bones on your shoes?

Mara & Mine Jem Skull Slippers available from Green With Envy.

#3 The Pretty Pastel

Prefer something girly and pretty? Beau Coops to the rescue with their perfectly pastel and metallic loafers.

Beau Coops GEO Loafers available from Beau Coops.

#4 The Flirt

These shoes are just everything. That glitter, that wink. I’m hoping that effortless cool girl wink will rub off on me just by wearing them.

Chiara Ferragni Flirting Slippers availabel from Chiara Ferragni.

#5 The Almost Classic

You can wear these chic little loafers any time, anywhere. They are low key enough to go with absolutely anything, but the pony hair and hint of gold means you’ll never feel like you’re wearing boring old black shoes.

Balenciaga Pony Slippers availabel from Cult Status.

#6 The Details

You all know and love Senso’s zipper ankle boots, but when you’re running late and need something to slip on in a hurry, boots end up in the too hard basket. Enter Senso’s Caitlin loafers. Pony print to brighten up your all black outfits and zippers because its all in the detail people, it’s all in the detail.

Sesno Caitlin Slippers available from Zomp.

#7 The Cat Lover

Well if these aren’t just the cutest shoes you ever did see! If you’re not a cat person (you just haven’t met the right cat #shamelesscatlover), then you can dress your tootsies in cute little pups instead. Either way these shoes are the bomb.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Friends Of Mine Rue Loafers available from Ssense.

#8 The Metallic

Copper is oh-so hot right now, which is why all of our houses are completely decked out in it. But it should not be confined to your homewares. Get some copper on your feet stat.

Mollini Queff Slippers available from Style Tread

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Image credit: Elle

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