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Market Magic | 6 Of Our Fave Healthy Market Finds

By Lisa O'Neill
6th Oct 2015

Best Perth Markets

Not only is the local farmers’ market the perfect spot to stock up on locally-grown, fresh fruit and veggies (and feel totally smug that you're up before lunch on a weekend!), it’s also laden with scrumptious health and wellness products by local food artisans. Here are 6 of our favourite Perth market finds.

Health Nut Foods

Is it just me who believes nut butter is wasted on bread? As my spoon hovers over the jar, I hope someone else is with me (almond butter spoon divers unite!). It’s been a while since I’ve dived into a generic jar with partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and sugar though, thanks to Health Nut Foods. The huge smile of owner Jess greets you at her stall where she provides little taste testing sticks to sample her eight creamy nut creations. Made with the highest quality, organic ingredients and not a refined sugar or preservative in sight, the butters only include the nuts plus additions like organic vanilla bean powder, mesquite, Himalayan pink salt and for the chocoholics, a couple have cacao. Get nutty fortnightly at Subi Farmers Market, or check out her site for where she hangs out on the alternate weekends. 

Cultured Kitchen Bone Broth

Broth is the latest word on wellness warriors’ lips, with gut healing and sealing the lead motivation for downing a cup. The latest addition to South Freo's Grower’s Green Markets is the Cultured Kitchen Bone Broth, which was made with GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) patients in mind, according to co-owner Susannah Wilson. The beef broth uses locally sourced, 100% grass-fed beef bones slow-cooked for 24 hours and the chicken is made up of pasture-raised chickens slow simmered for around seven hours. Serve it chilled in its gelatinous state and hear your joints sing while your cellulite and wrinkles retreat (um, yes please).   

Chai Baba

Look, we get warm fuzzies at the smell of coffee brewing in the morning too but recent research indicates first thing in the morning (when cortisol levels are high), coffee ain’t gonna treat you right (but between 10am and 12pm, you go right ahead guys…we’ll see you in the queue at 10.01am). So, find a bag of chai to welcome your body to the new day. Chai Baba uses the highest quality spices like cinnamon, cardamom and ginger, which are known antioxidants believed to reduce the likelihood of cancer, boost your immune system, balance hormones and assist digestion. Try a bag of Chai Baba rooibos chai for the extra health lovin’ from the inclusion of organic rooibos. Sip a sample at Subi Farmers Markets weekly. 

Colmena Raw Honey

It’s a fact, honey makes everything better, from a spoonful in your cup of chai to a drizzle over your bowl of porridge or peanut butter toast. However, in buying a generic squeezy bottle from the supermarket you’re missing out on the incredible health boosts from our sticky, sweet friend. Heat-treated and processed, supermarket honey is zapped of the vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants that give it its stamp of awesome. Raw honey retains all of the goodies and it tastes so much better. Track down Colmena Raw Honey for a pail or jar of the good stuff (they even have raw creamed honey and infused varieties for extra deliciousness) at Manning, Stirling, South Freo or Kalamunda markets. 

Get Cultured

Brighten up your salad and make your tummy happy with the fermented goodness from a Get Cultured jar. Abounding with beneficial bacteria and probiotics, the colourful jars of sauerkraut (both eyes and taste buds will love the red version) and kimchi are known to aid digestion, boost immunity and eliminate toxins from the body. Get your own pretty jar weekly from the Subi markets or pop to regular Get Cultured stalls at Mt Claremont and South Freo markets.

Adventure Snacks

Anyone else reading this with kids will feel me here—tiny people ask for snacks all the livelong day and coming up with varying options can be a challenge. Adventure Snacks have your back with their bags of make-at-home mixes, which are filled with all the good things and none of the questionable ones found in the usual boxed treats. Get your hands on some balls (that’s what she said) and try Adventure Snacks’ Cranberry Fig and Seed balls, which only need the addition of coconut oil. These guys can be found regularly at various farmers markets around town!

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Image credit: Adventure Snacks

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