Meet And Bun Is Opening A Second Shop And We Know Where

By Anna Franklyn
18th Sep 2017

Meet & Bun set up shop in Trinity Arcade in Perth to fill the void left by The Hummus Club, and the people of Perth have been loving them so much that they decided it was time to open up their second store, this time in Fremantle.

In the spot that used to be Raw Energy in Freo, Meet & Bun will be flipping the famous burgers we all know and love them for—from the Ari Gold to the Southern Fried Chicken—but they're also doing something else that we are pretty dang excited about.

These guys are going to be the FIRST peeps in Perth to churn out frozen custard. WTF is frozen custard you ask? Well, it's like ice cream, but better. The base is made with cream, sugar and egg yolks (unlike ice cream which is just made from cream and sugar), so it's rich and dense and oh so delicious. But to make matters even more exciting, they're also going to be doing concrete mixers, so you can add things like brownies and other sweet treats to your frozen custard. Ahhhhhmazing, no?

With plans to open in October, we're already prepping our stomachs for our first visit.

Until then, check out these new openings in Perth.

Image credit: Meet & Bun

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