25 Of Perth’s Best Bacon Dishes

By Sarah Joanna Pope
2nd Sep 2017

Here is a haiku about bacon:

Magic pig candy.

Better than morning coffee.

You high-five my mouth.

And here are 25 of Perth’s best bacon dishes to tick off your bacon bucket list.

  1. The infamous bacon flight from Varnish on King. Four American whiskeys plus four types of bacon = infinite happiness.
  2. A slab of bacon from Petition Kitchen. Thick, juicy, bacon-y.
  3. Cheeseburger with bacon from Alabama Song. Best drunk fewd everrr.
  4. Ley St Cafe’s Avocado breakfast with a side of maple bacon. The best pairing since whiskey and bacon.
  5. The buttermilk pancakes with slab bacon at Nic & Kolo. It's almost a centimetre thick and it's gooood. They also come with creme caramel and honeycomb. Sold.
  6. Northshore Tavern’s Bacon Behemoth. Not just a great name for your first child, but also a heart-stopper of a burger. A beef burger topped with caramelised onion, crispy deep-fried bacon (DEEP FRIED!), American cheese, egg, more bacon (MORE BACON!) and California island dressing.
  7. Hylin's brekky bagel. With cream cheese, fried egg, bacon, cheddar and rum sauce, this is a beautiful breakfast monster. 
  8. Laneway Lounge’s Maple Syrup & Bacon Manhattan (Yes, it’s a drink. Not a dish. Shut up). Short of an IV of bacon fat, this is the closest way to become one with this magical meat.
  9. The Bacon and Cheese from Ribs and Burgers—Kevin Bacon’s favourite bacon-topped burger. Seriously.
  10. Brooklyn Lounge’s Alamo burger—bacon, buttermilk fried chicken, cheese, jalapeno and queso. Make it your bacon BAE.
  11. The maple, pecan and candied bacon doughnut from Top Dup. It’s sexual.
  12. The steak and bacon burger from Across The Road Burger House.
  13. The whole ‘Baconburgers’ menu from Alfred’s Kitchen. There is a bacon burger, there is a double bacon burger, there is a fire pit—need I say more?
  14. The bacon-laden Burgerzilla from Johnny’s Burgers. A burger challenge for those who are half man, half beast.
  15. The Buffalo Dog from Frankd in Northbridge. Served with tangy Buffalo sauce, blue cheese sauce and celery. Grab it with a side of their smoked bacon, chives and cheese fries.
  16. The Blue Duck’s Canadian Toast—house made bacon with cinnamon apples, walnuts, maple syrup and mascarpone.
  17. BAES Brioche from Little Lefroys in Freo. Served with free-range belly bacon, avocado, egg, spinach, sweet tomato, chilli relish and aioli.
  18. The cheese and bacon pretzel from, funnily enough, Pretzel. I wouldn’t want to wake up hung over to any other food in my hair.
  19. Old English Sambo from Mary Street Bakery. An oldie, but a goodie.
  20. The breakfast ramen from Panda and Co.—with streaky bacon, soy marinated egg, panda shoots, burnt garlic oil and shoyu style broth. Breakfast ramen. Never thought I’d live to see the day…
  21. The epic breakfast bao from Panda and Co.—with bacon, egg and hash browns. Breakfast bao. What a time to be alive.
  22. The Texan from Varsity Burger. A double cheeseburger with bacon, onion and smokey BBQ sauce.
  23. The Tijuana toastie from Toast Cartel in Fremantle. A toastie with the mostie bacon—cream cheese, jalapenos, cheddar and streaky bacon. 
  24. Lincolns 102’s bacon, avocado, spinach, feta on toast with basil pesto. Yurmmm!
  25. The Whole Hog from Piggy Food Co. in Fremantle. Chorizo patty, cheese and bacon, pulled pork, bbq sauce, slaw, salsa and chipotle mayo in a ciabatta bun.

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Varsity | Image credit: Louise Coghill

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