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Perth Just Got A New Themed Glamping Company

By Anna Franklyn - 11 Aug 2017

We know you all love glamping as much as we do, so we thought you’d be pretty excited to hear the news. A new glamping company has launched and they’re doing themed accommodation. Whether you fancy a Hawaiian, tribal, Moroccan, beach or boho cabana, Cool Cabanas Glamping has got you covered!

The team here will set up their 5x5 bell tents anywhere in the Perth metro area (and surrounding 'burbs), and they’ll happily set them up for the day as a party pod if you have no intention of sleeping in them.

So whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a not so romantic one (the tents can accommodate up to five people) or you just want a party tent for that hens party you're planning, give these guys a shout and let them sort you out.

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Image credit: Cool Cabanas Glamping

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