The Best Cheat Meals In Perth You Need To Try

By Jemma Buti
26th Jun 2017

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WARNING! The following list contains decadent, delicious and calorie packed food. After busting your hump at work, working out like a crazy person and eating salads all week, it’s only fair that you treat yourself, right? Right? Scrolling through this list will provide you with the spots and meals worth every calorie and second on that cross trainer the next day. Enjoy guys!

So pull on your stretchiest pants and hit up these spots for meals that are worth every single calorie. Here are Perth’s best cheat meals you need to try.

Brooklyn Lounge | S’mores Dessert


My oh my, this ooey gooey delicious mess of chocolate cookies and marshmallows has probably been clogging up your Insta feed for a while now. Not one for the faint-hearted or tight-panted, when you decide to tackle this American inspired treat by Brooklyn Lounge bring a buddy and perhaps don’t eat for a while before.

Cafe Elixir | Apple Crumble Pancakes


This delicious stack of cinnamon and apple pancakes from Wanneroo gem, Cafe Elixir, are now available for guilt-free consumption. For those of you who appreciate a slice of traditional apple pie, Elixir's indulgent pancakes are so close to the real thing I just about shed tears when eating these bad boys.

The Shack Burger Parlour | Frozen Custard


While it might be quite the drive for most of us, The Shack Burger Parlour in Mandurah is the only place in WA dishing out this US cult favourite so it’s worth the drive. Frozen custard is ice cream’s smoother, melt-in-your-mouth cousin and it is an absolute winner. To really get the full experience, get the chocolate frozen custard with peanut butter cups and caramel sauce. I will be waiting for my thank you card in the mail.

Mack Daddy's New York Slice | 22 Inch Pizzas

Mount Lawley

This one is pretty self-explanatory—22. Inch. Pizza. That’s almost 56 centimetres! Mack Daddy's is twirling out New York style pizzas of monstrous proportions that taste freaking amazing. Bring a buddy (or two, maybe three) and order the Baller, The Honkey or the classic Pepperoni for a slice of pizza you won’t be able to stop talking about.

Sweet Dream Foods | Doughnuts

Food Truck 

Food cart and stall favourite Sweet Dream Foods has created little doughy bites of heavens which will make you go mmmm... Marketed as Canadian style doughnuts (which are AMAZING FYI). The sour cream and chocolate buttermilk are stand out favourites which will make it straight from the box to your mouth. Funny that eh?

Side Door BBQ | Cornbread And Beef Brisket


Side Door BBQ in Highgate is dishing out trays of meat and sides that will bring tears to the eyes of your personal trainers. Try the fluffy cornbread and melt in your mouth beef brisket and thank me later.

Varsity Burgers | Texan Burger


Varsity Burgers in Northbridge really put the saying ‘everything’s bigger in Texas’ into action when they created this beast of a burger. Cheese, tobacco fried onions, double patties and bacon, oh my! Grab plenty of napkins before you try and sink your teeth into this mouth-watering burger as things will get messy.

Gusto Gelato | Gusto Flavour

Leederville and Elizabeth Quay

You will have yourself a worthy cheat meal if you order two scoops of anything at Gusto Gelato, but trust me when I say this—don’t leave without trying the Gusto flavour. Chocolate and peanut butter in ice cream. Enough said.

Johnny’s Burger Joint | The Cure

Canning Vale

Simply put, if you’re craving a huge burger, Johnny’s in Canning Vale is where you need to set your GPS for now. With a menu packed full of greasy but beautiful burgers, it’s impossible to make a bad choice, but if you want a recommendation, hit up The Cure. This burger gives new meaning to a bacon burger—bacon infused sauce and meat patties as well as actual bacon for good measure. Yum.

Corica Pastries | Apple Strudel


European gem Corica is one of those places that can make you forget what the meaning of fitness even is. Dubbed the best apple strudel in Perth by many, the flaky pastry will melt away any problems you thought you had. This decadent dessert is best when shared, so grab some mates and enjoy.

Three Coins Trattoria | Nutella Calzone

Mount Lawley

Three Coins Trattoria in Mount Lawley is dishing out something so naughty it should be a crime—enter the Nutella calzone. Because the only way to make a calzone better is to add Nutella! This is one bucket list dessert you've gotta indulge in.

Amberjacks | Fish And Chips


Whether it's summer or winter, Amberjacks in Cottesloe fries up some amazing fish and chips that will leave you with the best kind of deep fried food feels. If you're after some old school fish and chips which remind you of the simpler days (aka the days before you worried about fitting into skinny jeans) then head to Amberjacks and order yourself the fish of the day with a large serving of chips. And why not add on a pineapple fritter for that extra serving of fruit.

Epicurean | Buffet


It is only fitting to end a list of epic cheat meals in Perth with the Epicurean buffet, because what’s a bigger cheat meal than the non-stop deliverance of food. With Epicurean’s buffet offering more food than a normal person would eat in a month, it may seem a tad too much, but really, is too much even a thing? We recommend piling your plate with the crispy pork belly, chicken korma and truffle mashed potatoes, before heading back for a slab of the salted caramel cake.

Want more? Here are Perth's Best Desserts.

Brooklyn Lounge | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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