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Perth’s Best Cold Pressed Juice

By Sarah Joanna Pope
13th Jan 2016

Cold pressed juice. On my Instagram, on my Facebook, in my supermarket fridge. Cold pressed juice everywhere. So what’s the deal?

Cold Pressing is a method of juicing that does not apply any heat or friction, thereby preserving all the fragile nutrients and enzymes present in the juice. I’m not much of a health nut, but after a week of drinking these juices, I'm a convert!

So before my juice high wears off (yes, it’s real), here are Perth’s best cold pressed juices for you, my nutrient loving children.

Inner Ego

Dang! That’s some geeewd juice. They’re like little jars of mocktails, with added botanicals like white tea and green tea. And Inner Ego delivers them with totes adorbs paper straws! Try their Number 7 juice—with red apple, green tea, strawberry, pomegranate and tomato.

The Juicist

Environmentally friendly and biodynamic, The Juicist sources seasonal organic fruit and veg, from as many local sources as possible, and cold presses it to pulp-less perfection. They have some tried and true formulas as well as a changing menu of seasonal blends. These babies deserve to be sipped slowly, like a fine wine.

Pure Glow Cleanse

Specialising in juice cleanse programs, Pure Glow Cleanse, fresh presses their healthy juice mixes and rush them to your door with enzymes in tact. Grab a generously sized bottle of Good Karma or Buddha Juice and get sipping. And remember, if you don’t Instagram it—did you really drink it?

Pressed Earth

With a nectar for every reason and every season, Pressed Earth have fresh and tasty juices for days. There’s the one for electrolytes, circulation, immunity, stamina, superpowers (still being worked on in the lab) and more.

Pressed Daily

Fresh pressed and untainted by any heat, Pressed Daily delivers delicious flavourbomb combos with tasty little additions like chia seed, ginger, cayenne pepper, turmeric and sea salt (not all in the one juice of course).

Refresh Juice And Cleanse

Refresh Juice and Cleanse, is as fresh to the cold press juice game as their fruit and veg juices. Picture it, fruit and veggie elixirs, probiotic lemonades and fresh young coconut water (ageist?) delivered to your door. Your. Freaking. Door. Or if you want to enjoy your juice in public, restaurants like Flora & Fauna and Habitue stock them.

Made Juice

The mostly organic juices from Made Juice are irresistibly fresh and well balanced—not too sweet or too “healthy” tasting. Their Coffee Cashew is particularly life-changing—cashew milk, cold drip coffee, agave and vanilla. I’ll never get an iced coffee from the servo again.

Juice Station

Juice Station offers three different cleanse packages ranging from beginner through to advanced. The beginner package features just about all the juices of the rainbow, while the advanced is almost entirely green. But don't worry, all their packages include the delicious Muddy Milk—dates, almond, cacao and filtered water. If you can manage to get to their city store, you can also get a delicious immune boosting ginger shot.

Michael Brothers

The Swan Valley “juice house” Michael Brothers has a delectable selection of cold press juices to tickle your tastebuds. They also tickle your patriotism—as almost all their fruit and veg is sourced from WA farmers. Grab a Mango Punch or a Strawberry Lemonade for a fruit party in your mouth. Everyone’s invited.

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Image credit: Dire Moon Wolf

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