Perth’s Best Gyoza

By Holly Nicholls
21st Feb 2017

We know how much you all love dumplings, so we thought it was high time to start getting specific about these little gems and call attention to the gyoza of Perth.

Gyoza are basically Japanese dumplings which are usually fried then steamed and served with a dipping sauce that is worth its weight in gold. In short, they are little bites of perfection and we can’t get enough of them!

Here are 9 of the best gyoza spots in Perth.

D’s Authentic Japanese


Can’t afford the Rotto Pub let alone a flight to Japan? Us either. Ready to unfollow anyone that posts a photo from all the #NisekoPowPow? Us too. Travel shmavel. Walk into D’s Authentic Japanese and it’s like you have entered a local secret in the back alleys of Gion. You’ll want to be adopted by the loveable team that runs this tiny restaurant and—like you need another reason—it’s BYO!

Nomstar Ramen


Rapidly making a name for itself on the Perth ramen scene, Nomstar’s pork gyoza should not be overlooked. With a side of sesame and shichimi edamame and a round of Asahi, you’ll be rolling down Manning Road rubbing your tummy in pure glee.

Zensaki Sushi And Izakaya


Getting caught up in the sushi train happens to the best of us. We know, food on a conveyor belt is very fun, so take your time getting an Instagram story and then move on to the menu. Complete with fun suspicious crunchy bits and a random slice of cucumber, Zensaki’s pork gyoza are the CBD workers lunch time dream.

Nao Japanese


You know you’re in for something amazing when you go to eat at an unassuming Japanese restaurant and you can barely get a seat. Wait in line at Nao and work up your appetite because ordering your gyoza with a side of the Shoyu Ramen (extra pork fat please) is non-negotiable.

Oceans Ramen And Donburi


We get it. It’s very hard to go past the institution that is Oceans Ramen and Donburi’s katsu curry so we have a solution. Stretchy pants. Great, now that’s sorted, go and order a portion of five gyoza. At $6 and with a token green salad on the side, you’re practically saving money. 

Kuza Urban Japanese Food

Victoria Park

If gyoza could be a huge flame grilled steak with all the trimmings from your local, then Kuza Urban Japanese Food would be the one to do it. Pan fried braised beef cheek gyoza with sweet potato puree anyone? These cool kids on the block are reinventing the wheel and we’re totally, totally cool with it.

Ichirin Japanese


It’s a tough call to choose between the beautiful fish coming out of the truly authentic kitchen, their Omakase (trust the chef degustation) and the truly delicious gyoza at Ichirin Japanese, so we recommend you go with all of the above. You definitely won’t regret it.

Restaurant Jun


Once you’ve actually managed to find it down the back alleys of Hay Street, Restaurant Jun delivers. This has izakaya (that's Japanese pub food FYI) all over it and the gyoza are just one among many of the insanely good dishes that this hidden gem is pumping out at lunch and dinner.

Lucky Chan's Laundry & Noodle Bar


They had us at crowd funding, but their gyoza creations (and the bucket of prawn crackers, oh and the newspaper walls) earns the tick of approval for hipster deliciousness. Would the real Lucky Chan please stand up because we seriously want the sticky beef shin and liquorice gyoza recipe? 

Want more Japenese noms? Check out our fave ramen in Perth.

Nao Japanese | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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