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Say Hello To Manta: The Demi-God Of The Hairbrush World

By Jessica Pridmore
26th Jul 2018


No, this is not an image of the new Beats By Dre offering, nor is it some fancy vibrating facial cleanser (though, we are fans of those). No, friends, this is the 2018 adaptation of the humble hardworking hairbrush. The Rolls Royce of hair, if you will. Deep breaths and take her in for a moment.

Say hello to Manta: your new tangle taming, volume boosting, shine enhancing beauty essential.

Manta (like a ray, geddit? Because it gliiiides) promises shiny and full hair—aka hair goals, basically—with a sweep of her sultry shape through your strands. How exactly does this spaceship-looking brush do anything more remarkable than, say, your Tangle Teezer or, horror of horrors, your cheap and cheerful chemist-bought number?

Firstly, the shape enables the Manta to mould to the shape of your head/scalp, effectively stimulating the roots (read: stimulates growth) while being able to glide more easily through your strands (read: less breakages, which is code for less split ends). Oh, and it’s heat resistant. So far, so good.

Then, this gleaming beacon of modernity uses Flexguard* technology to untangle knots without tearing the hair fibre (*essentially each bristle has the ability to move in a 360° motion) giving it the freedom to swoosh through your tresses uninhibited. Fans of hair extensions, listen up. Pretty neat, right?

Lastly, picture it sitting on your bathroom shelf looking all fine and stuff. We’re suckers for a good-looking rooster.

In summary, if you already have a hairbrush, good for you. Keep at it. But, if you’re on the market for a new one, or, you simply want to treat your tresses to 5-star treatment on the daily, Manta’s your girl.

If you’re so inclined, grab one here.

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Image credit: Manta

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