Stretch It | 8 Of The Best Yoga Pants For Autumn

By Lisa O'Neill
7th Apr 2016

Once upon a time I dressed up in ladylike clothing on a day-to-day basis and wore exercise gear only to actually work up a sweat. Then activewear became a thing, my nice dresses gathered dust and errrry day all day is yoga pants for the win (#gratitude #passmeanotherblissball). Thus, you can trust us implicitly that we know, oh do we know, the ultimate yoga pants to do your downfacing dog, savasana and coffee with the ladies.

Here's 8 of the best yoga pants, just in time for your Autumnal sweat sesh.

#1 The Stalwart

The stalwarts of making yoga clothes beautiful (seriously, founder Chip Wilson created the brand because of the daggy, technically void clothes the Vancouver ladies were getting about in during their vinyasas), most yoginis have a pair of Lululemon worn on the regular. The Align Pants are a visionary though and if you don’t have a pair, get thee to your local Lulu. Buttery soft, high-waisted (so they don’t roll down or reveal any cheeky muffin tops) and a part of the naked sensation range, the only issue you’ll have here is regular checks to make sure you remembered to wear pants.

The Align Pants are available at lululemon.

#2 The Cult Favourite

Not only do these tights look freaking fabulous (no yoga today, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’m wearing mine because #activewear), these pants remove lactic acid and assist those well worked muscles in recovery due to the compression feature in the fabric. A nice wide waistband and silky material only add to the appeal.

The Rockwell Black Compression Tights are available from Vie Activewear.

#3 The Warm Weather Warrior

These pants were made for our warm climate with mesh panelling up the sides making your yoga pants breathable. The wicked patterns are instantly recognisable and if you’re crushing on a new style, get in quick as these guys sell out fast. And in a nod to loving the land we live in, high fives to We Are Handsome for designing and making all its clothes in Australia.

The Paper Planes Active Panel Leggings are available from We Are Handsome.

#4 The Striped Saviour

May our love affair with stripes continue into our activewear. The Upside’s Lauren Yoga Pant sports a soft, mid-rise cut with a drawstring so all your bits should comfortably stay in position as you contort into various shades of pretzel.

The Lauren Yoga Pant is available from The Upside.

#5 The Holiday Lover

Are you short, too? Do you need hemming on yoga pants or risk elephantitis in your activewear? I feel you. These pants are 7/8 length, which is also known as full length or 8/8 on height-restricted peeps like myself. The wide mesh panels on the side keep you cool while you feel like you’re on holiday in that palm tree print. Love.

The White Tropic Tights are available from Slinkii.

#6 The Glamour

So you want to be in your activewear, but you also want to feel a bit sexy? You’ll be feeling up your own legs in the new L’urv splice leggings with the mesh panel details and ridiculously pretty abstract gold foil print inspired by the cosmos. We also love the double layer waistband that provides extra support and a more streamlined shape. Get your pins in L’urv stat.

The Empress Of The Sun Leggings are available from L'urv.

#7 The High-On-Lifer

We’ve found a winner for the highest waist award and it goes to these Jaggad beauties. It’s like a hug for your waistline and will give you the sweetest silhouette. Stop looking in the mirror and get back to your warrior position. We’re telling you, you really do look that good in those pants.

The High Waisted Printed Leggings are available from Jaggad.

#8 The Plant Lover

Named after a vibrant Brazilian fruit, Pitanga aims to clothe yogis to match its namesake with texture, shape, colour and sensuality. These soft and flexible pants come in so many colours and patterns, plus they’re made with sustainable materials so they get the eco-friendly tick of approval. Like a gentle hug for your hard-working legs and a feast for your eyeballs with the uplifting riot of colour, every yogi needs some Pitanga leggings.

The Foliage and Feathers tights are available from Pitanga.

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Image credit: Lulu Lemon, Vie Activewear, We Are Handsome, The Upside, Slinkii, L'urv, Jaggad, Pitanga Activewear

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