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5 New Shows Worth Streaming This Month

By Victoria Cotman - 07 Mar 2019

It’s March and we’ve got creepy supernatural game with The Order, a round of life-affirming comedy with Turn Up Charlie and some major league bad-assery with The Widow.

Here are all the shows you should be bingeing this month.


The Order

There is no such thing as a secret society *wink*, and definitely no such thing as magic *wink wink*, which means there’s absolutely no such thing as The Order. When college student Jack Morton is initiated into Belgrave University’s mystical (slightly occult-y) ranks he joins a battle between werewolves and the dark arts that’s leaving a trail of dead bodies all around campus. What will he find when he digs deeper? We’re guessing something spooky. Get your supernatural on from March 7.

After Life

Tony has given up on life. His wife has passed away and now nothing else matters. So why not just… say and do whatever he wants? He thinks it’s a “super power” – not caring about anyone or anything – but all his friends see is a man who needs saving from himself. Created by and starring arguably the world’s most brutal comic, Ricky Gervais, After Life is dark, funny, and a swift kick to the feels. Out March 8.

Turn Up Charlie

It’s Idris Elba and need we say more? Charlie used to be a big deal but now the DJ is all washed up, reduced to babysitting his famous best friend’s pesky daughter for a couple of bucks. She happens to think Charlie could make it big, and maybe her megastar mother does too…? Also starring Piper Perabo, Turn Up Charlie for laughs and bops. Out March 15.

Honourable Mention: Queer Eye Season 3 is out March 15.

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The Widow

A plane crash claims the lives of everyone on board, but the body of one man was never found… obsessed with the idea that he’s not really dead, the man’s apparent widow undertakes a dangerous mission to solve the riddle of her husband’s disappearance. Starring Kate Beckinsale, Charles Dance and a bunch of other people you’ll recognise, The Widow is all action, suspense, and mystery. Out now.


You might recognise "Hanna" from the 2011 movie by the same name, and yes, it’s the one about the killer kid. On the run from an unrelenting CIA agent, and on the hunt to find out who she really is, Hanna - raised alone in the forest - turns out to be more than anyone bargained for… so exactly why was she trained to be a hitman? Out March 29.

Honourable Mention: American Gods is returning with season 2 to haunt your dreams. Out March 11.

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