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By Katie McAllister
28th Oct 2015

Each month one member of The Urban List team will be sharing their current obsessions, and—shock—not all of it’s edible!

This month, Urban List Perth Marketing Manager, Katie McAllister shares her new favourite everythings: from the best Netflix series and workout, to her new favourite rosé, here’s what on her radar.

Valley | Snow Leopard Sunglasses

Partly because I just love that snow leopard is a real thing but also cos I just love statement sunnies and these frames from Valley are at one with my face. Yes, they may be my 167th pair but do you know how hot Perth summers are? Eyes must be suitably slip, slop, slapped too!

The Shorehouse

Boasting one of the best beach views in Perth, this newbie from the same team that gave us The Beaufort St Merchant, Enrique's School for to Bullfighting and The Trustee has fast become my fave hangout. I would like to say I have sampled the full menu at Shorehouse by now but alas, I keep going back to the crab linguini and a glass of rose (ok several). I figure if I’m on to a good thing, stick to it.

Once Upon A Run Leggings

So, I have been totally sucked in to the Athleisure trend, like shamefully. And as a result I tend to get bored with my plain black (but super comf all the same) leggings pretty quick. So when I stumbled across the Downward Woof tights from Once Upon A Run, I was so happy I put them on straight away and wore them to dinner.

Unlimited Reformer Pilates Membership

When someone delivers you cheese (or bread, cakes, doughnuts or wine) you have to be polite and eat it right? Well this is often our reality in The Urban List office. So, when the Pilates Centre WA offered an unlimited membership that allows you to go to a reformer pilates class every day of the week (should you be that hard core), I jumped on it. My record so far is four classes in a week, but just knowing that the option is there for more makes me feel good about myself.

All of the Rosé

I feel like I’ve always loved rosé, but at the moment I am borderline alcoholic obsessed with rosé. So much so that I have somehow stockpiled dozens of bottles in my spare room and am constantly looking for an opportunity to crack one open. My fave of the moment is from Mon Tout. It’s like someone surveyed all my tastebuds to find out the exact sweet and dry balance they like best and then bottled it.

Panama Hats

The Panama hat is nothing new, and I have had one before but I went to Colombia in May and got myself a real-deal, handmade Panama hat for the bargain price of $15! The only problem was, that I came back to the death of winter and have had to look at it every day, willing me to please take him out into the sunshine for a spin! And now, at last, his time has come.

Narcos on Netflix 

My second Colombian obsession (after the Panama hat), is the drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar. That tubby dude looks like he just wants to give you a big hug and scruff your hair, while telling you to stop growing so fast (and then possibly put a bullet in your head for looking at him the wrong way, but lets not get into details). I’m staying up til the wee hours of the morning watching the story unfold and even though I know the end, it’s still damn good!   

Resort 15/16 from SIR the Label

You know when a new season rolls around and you see all the gorgeous pieces from lots of different brands and you want them all? Yeah, well I basically just want the whole resort collection from SIR the label. Like all of it. Thanks.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

I must have been a very obedient child and ate all my crusts and ended up with very wavy hair (well done me). In winter I like to burn those waves straight but in summer I am all about the beachy look! Surf spray is my secret weapon for getting that just come from the beach look even if I’ve been stuck in the office all day.

Giant Swan Pool Toy

Last year I decided to buy myself a giant swan for Christmas. It was basically the best present I got (thank you me) and I didn’t even care that I had to blow it up using a hand pump and nearly passed out from exertion. It was the best way to spend summer days at Rotto or in the pool or even just chilling in my backyard on the grass really. This year I am stepping things up and have got my eye on the giant pineapple.

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