Blackbox Brewers Is Relaunching As The Toastery Because Grilled Cheese Is Life

By Anna Franklyn
2nd Aug 2017

Blackbox Brewers Are Relaunching As The Toastery Because Grilled Cheese Is Life

Blackbox Brewers has been sitting pretty on Hay Street in Subiaco for about a year now, serving up excellent coffee and a few tasty bites, but they’ve decided to up the ante with toasted sandwiches, because what better way to get the people of Perth excited than with grilled cheese?

They’re keeping things nice and affordable with toasties ranging from $7 for the classics—like ham and triple cheese or Vegemite and cheese—to $12 for the big’uns like the Seven Samurai—miso buttered corn, roast chicken, triple cheese and sriracha mayo. Yum.

They’ll also be doing classic American milkshakes and thickshakes in keeping with the American retro diner theme, as well as a dessert toastie that we CANNOT wait to try. The Elvis is chock-full of Nutella, peanut butter and banana, with the option to add ice cream (but really, it’s not an option, is it?).

The Toastery is officially launching on Monday 7 August and there will be FREE coffee, so no need to pack your lunch on Sunday night!

Until then, here are the rest of our fave toasties around Perth.

Image credit: Asnim Asnim

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