Crazy But True: The World’s First Avocado Bar Has Opened

By Marilynn McLachlan
11th Apr 2017

If there’s one thing those of us living at the bottom of the world go nuts for, it’s avocados. Let’s face it, it’s the fruit of the gods. And now, it seems in our trend-setting ways, our obsession has travelled to America and they’ve taken it next-level.

That’s right an eatery in New York’s Brooklyn has opened its doors to the world’s first fully avo menu, aptly called Avocaderia.

“Avocados make just about anything better, from salads to veggie-packed salsas to smoothies,” they declare on their website. “We have developed tasty recipes just for you: we smear ‘em onto toast, mash ‘em into guacamole, or top your morning eggs with a couple slices. Whatever your day feels like, we give it the perfect taste.”

The three Italian owners reckon they’re work their way through a whopping 50-100 avocados a day, but it’s not all about the taste—these peeps seriously know how to make the green fruit look damn pretty as well. Avo art, anyone?

They’re dedicated to using an abundance of raw ingredients and non-invasive cooking techniques, too, which means it’s pretty much as healthy as you want or need. Even better, if you ever wanted to know the ins and outs of why avocado is so damn good for you, they’ve got lists of reasons why.

Let’s just say, we’re sold. But, really—are you thinking what we’re thinking? Somebody needs to bring that concept down under. Amiright??? 

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Image Credit: Avocaderia

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