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Three’s A Trend | Custom Cosmetics

By Anna Franklyn
12th Apr 2017

You know that feeling when you find the perfect shade of foundation, but you hate the finish of it? Or the best matte lipstick, but you can’t get it in that perfect deep red you’ve been hunting for. Frustrating, isn’t it? Enter custom cosmetics. That’s right, now you can blend your own foundation, lipsticks and perfume—and Perth is just getting started, so we’re dreaming big and we see nail polish, hair dye and everything in between in our future!

If you haven’t hopped on board the custom cosmetics train yet, here are three places in Perth who will get you started.

Timeless Skin & Beauty | Foundation

North Beach

The first in Perth to get their hands on the Melli Cosmetics custom blend foundation, the team at Timeless Skin & Beauty will send you home with some seriously incredible foundation. After a quick chat about your skin concerns and preferences, they’ll whip up the perfect blend for your skin type. You get to choose the shade, texture and coverage, then finish it off with additions like SPF, highlighting formulas and colour correcting toners. Plus, it’s all vegan and the bottle is recyclable so you can feel good about this one!

The Lip Lap | Foundation And Lipstick


The Lip Lab do custom lipsticks (duh) AND they are now doing custom foundation blends too. To create your own lipstick, you just choose the colours and flavours (hello chocolate flavoured lipstick!) you like and the crew here will mix it up on the spot! They can do lipsticks, glosses and pencils so you can get everything to match perfectly. On top of their foundation, they are also blending custom concealer and word on the street is that highlighters are on the horizon.

Clean Slate | Perfume And Skin Care

Various Locations

Clean Slate does some of the best workshops in Perth and we can’t get enough of the essential oil blending and perfume making workshop. You’ll get to play with a heap of different essential oils before choosing your faves and creating two of your own unique blends to take home. Clean Slate also do a skin care workshop where you get to make your own body scrub, lip balm and moisturiser, and if all that isn’t enough, you can also do a candle making workshop. Dreamy!  

Once you've got all of that sorted, why not go and get your lashes sorted too!

Image credit: Khoollect

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