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By Tessa Gallagher
3rd Sep 2015

We’re pretty dang lucky in Perth to have chefs that take breakfast as seriously as lunch and dinner and understand the significance of what we all know is the most important (and glorious) meal of the day.

Perth café Tropico is a delicious case in point. While open for brekky, lunch and dinner, this much-loved addition to the sun-drenched suburb of North Beach has become one of the most popular cafes in Perth not for its lunch or dinner menu, or even its milkshakes and smoothies (which are super yum) but for its breakfasts. And lordy lord, are they doing the brekky thang right.

Consistently packed from doors open, the crew here are dishing out AM offerings that are both spectacular looking and tasting—and it’s a selection that is fast gaining legendary status in Perth foodie circles.

Sydney coffee roaster Will & Co may be providing the beans for Tropico brews but much of the food on offer is locally sourced produce including Margaret River eggs, Milk from Bannister and Abhis Organic Bakery bread.

Speaking of carbs, the wood roasted mushrooms with basil pesto and poached eggs on sourdough bread is flavour perfection. But then again, each and every one of the brekkies are good (I know, I’ve tried all of them…ahem). Talk to any Tropico fan and whether it’s the smashed avo with lemon curd, the melt-in your mouth banana bread or the virtuous paleo platter, they will tell you (with wide eyes and panting breath) their favourite Tropico brekky is one of their Perth faves.

Food aside, Tropico’s bright, airy and casual vibes—and actual stone throw proximity to the beach—make this Perth cafe the perfect place to drop in anytime throughout the day. The staff are friendly, they make a killer coffee with plenty of non-dairy options for the fussy amongst us (the almond milk brews are really good!) and it’s just a fun, vibey place to hang.

Go for lunch and dinner and you’ll be treated to a menu designed for sharing with mates. Standouts include the soft shell crab slider, grilled snapper taco and potato, pesto and goats curd pizza. It’s not rocket surgery, as my sister would say (LOLZ)—just the classics done really well.

With summer on its way, we predict this place ain’t gonna slow down in popularity any time soon. Good news for fans of Tropico who are sick of making the trek North—the crew here are behind new Wembley eatery Hermosa, also making waves for its punchy Spanish-style eats and killer wine list.

Word on the street is that Tropico Sunday Sessions (involving street-style food, live music and cocktails) will be happening at some point soon. Until then, Tropico’s brekkies will keep us coming back time and time again.

Want the location, opening hours, and all the details? Find Tropico in The Directory!

Image credit: Louise Coghill

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