We Found A Chocolate Kebab Shop In Perth!

By Anna Franklyn
3rd Jun 2016

What the what is a chocolate kebab? Picture your regular late night drunken kebab shop and replace the meat on that rotating contraption you know and love with chocolate. Now replace your regular pita with a crepe and the rest of the fillings with sweet sweet goodness like ice cream, fresh fruit and chocolate sauce. That, my good friends, is a chocolate kebab.

And thank the holy heavens, Happy Larry’s Chocolate Kebab Shop is making all of your chocolate kebab dreams come true in Perth. The crew here source the best of the best chocolate, and the gelato is made by a guy who was invited to the Gelato World Cup (yep that's a thing) so you can expect creamy deliciousness every time!

Open from 10:30am until 6pm, this obviously won’t be replacing your midnight meat-filled kebab, but instead could be your perfect day-time partner in crime!

Want more chocolate-y goodness? Have you seen The Broastie?

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