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WA’s Most Weird And Wonderful Tourist Attractions

By Chloe Sputore
6th Aug 2017

Western Australia is home to some of the most stunning sights in Australia and the world, but we’ve also got our fare share of weirdness going on too—including a whole lot of big things (my personal favourite being The Big Prawn).

Here’s where to find Western Australia’s weird and downright wonderful tourist attractions. 


Wellington Mill

Just a 30-minute drive from Bunbury you will find gnome paradise (or perhaps the creepiest place you’ve ever visited). There are thousands of gnomes to spot in the woods, including busty gnomettes, and you can even donate your own gnome if you feel so inclined.

The Big Banana


Carnarvon, home of Australia’s best bananas (IMHO). It’s only fitting these guys installed a giant banana in their neck of the woods. Cue NSFW shots of you and said big banana!

Creepy Hollow Cafe


Next time you’re Albany bound, stop by Creepy Hollow Cafe for a weird dose of the spooks. Around a 20-minute drive out of Kojonup on Albany Highway, this cafe is filled with skeletons, ghouls and other strange haunts.

The Giant Ram


The second largest in the southern hemisphere, The Giant Ram in Wagin is 15 meters long and seven metres high and a sight best enjoyed from a nearby picnic table.

Zebedy Hot Springs

El Questro

Falling more into the wonderful category, Zebedee Springs’ thermal rock pools are just as glorious to take a dip in as they are to look at. You’ll never want to leave!

PUBLIC Silo Trail


Dotted along the Wheatbelt towns of Northam, Ravensthorp and Merredin are some of the specciest grain silos you will ever lay eyes on. Spot artwork from Aussie legends Amok Island, Phlegm, Hense and Kyle Hughes-Odgers, and take all of the photos.

The Big Prawn


The Big Prawn in Exmouth is a sight to behold. Standing four meters tall outside the Ningaloo Visitor Centre, the giant crustacean is just asking for an Instagram photo.

Atlantis Marine Park

Two Rocks

I don’t know about you, but there is something about abandoned theme parks that gives me the heebie jeebies. If you’re not a fraidy cat like me, make your way to Two Rocks and check out what was once the Atlantis Marine Park—King Neptune and his trident are waiting for you.


Margaret River

If you’re not aware of CowParade there’s a good chance you’ve been living under a rock. These colourful bovine sculptures can be found all over the Margaret River region, see if you can spot them all on your next trip south.

The Big Camera


An attraction that offers more than just looks, The Big Camera in Meckering doubles as a photography museum and is in the shape of a huge 35mm camera. Cute!

The World's Tallest Bin


While I'm not quite sure if this fits into the wonderful category, the fact that WA is home to the world's tallest bin sure is weird. It might not be worth a trip to Kalgoorlie just to see this, but if you find yourself in the area you might as well stop by for a gander at this bin which stands at 8m. When in Rome...

The Bell Tower


Weird or wonderful, you be the judge, but there is no question that The Bell Tower in Perth makes a statement.

Dog Cemetery


If you ask me, there should be a dog cemetery in every region of the world, they are man’s best friend after all. Next time you’re in Corrigin pay your respects to all of the marvellous doggos out there.

Dinosaur Footprints

Broome & Dampier Peninsula

Just in case you need some proof that dinosaurs existed, there’s some pretty hard evidence that can be found in Broome and along the Dampier Peninsula. Tourist attractions don’t get cooler than this.

DNA Tower

Kings Park

The views from Kings Park are even more speccy from the lookout atop DNA Tower. This giant double-helix lookalike is 15 metres high and you’ll have to puff up 101 steps to get to the top.

The Big Orange


More big things! Dubbed as one of the south west’s major attractions, The Big Orange is perched high above the orchards of Harvey Fresh and boasts a viewing platform inside. Don’t forget to grab some juice on your way out!

Tin Horse Highway


The preschool version of the CowParade, the Tin Horse Highway can be found in the Wheatbelt town of Kulin. These adorable sculptures can be found doing a number of activities, from flying through the air to drinking cans of Emu Bitter.

Amaze Miniature Park


A miniature village wonderland, Amaze Miniature Park is also home to a mini golf course and a miniature hedge maze. Squee!

The Big Crocodile


You’re lucky The Big Crocodile is made of steel, chicken wire and concrete because it is one big mofo.

Dreamtime Statues


While you’re in Wyndham, it would be remiss of you to not visit the Dreamtime Statues. The arresting bronze statues commemorate early Aboriginal life up north and will likely take your breath away.

Red Dog


We think all dogs are deserving of a statue in their name, but especially Red Dog, our fave furry friend from Dampier. If you want his whole back story, you need to watch Red Dog the movie!

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Image credit: Bewley Shaylor via FORM

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