Where To Find All The Best American Food In Perth

By Chloe Sputore - 06 Sep 2017

Where To Find All The Best American Food In Perth

If there’s one thing that America got right, it’s the food and these days Perth is getting it right too.

From cheeseburgers, 22-inch pizzas and curly fries to boozy milkshakes, wings and the beloved Reuben sanga, here’s where to find all the best American food in Perth.

Praise be America!

Big Tony’s Pepperoni Pizza | Mack Daddy's New York Slice

Mount Lawley

It’s no secret that everything is bigger in America, especially their pizzas. Mack Daddy’s knows this and that’s why they offer their INCREDIBLE pizzas in humungous 16 and 22 inch sizes. The hot and smoky pepperoni with grande mozzarella is what dreams are made of.

Bourbon Street Gumbo | Cafe New Orleans


Cafe New Orleans is the expert when it comes to soul food in Perth and we’re all about their Bourbon Street gumbo. Be sure to grab a slice of key lime pie while you’re there!

Burgers & BBQ | 3230 Smoke + Grill


Cheese, bacon, brisket and brioche burger buns. It doesn't get much more American than that. 3230 Smoke + Grill is serving up some of the best American style burgers and BBQ meats in the west!

Reece’s Bar | Varnish On King


Peanut butter ice cream and s’mores…what more could you want in a dessert? Varnish on King, you’ve done it again!

mac n cheese bites

Mac & Cheese Bites | The Merrywell


Coated in Doritos dust, it’s not surprising The Merrywell’s mac and cheese bites are addictive AF. Served with smoky BBQ sauce, once you pop you can’t stop!

Cheeseburger | Varsity Burgers


Varsity does burgers well. Especially their cheeseburger (and double cheeseburger for that matter). Served with pickles and their special mayo, we can’t get enough!

Reuben Sandwich | East Village


Corned beef, pickles, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, coleslaw and home made dressing are what makes a Reuben sandwich de-freaking-licious. East Village knows this and they do it well.

Milkshake | Jack Rabbit Slim's


Whether you like your milkshakes naughty (boozy) or nice (alco-free) Jack Rabbit Slim’s is the place to be. Get yours in chocolate, peanut butter, salted caramel, spearmint, strawberry or vanilla flavour with a side of fries, obv.

Cheese Sticks And Curly Fries | Johnny's Burgers

Canning Vale

Crumbed Monterey Jack cheese and crispy and crunchy curly fries. Johnny’s Burgers has us drooling all the time. Any of their burgers will make you happy too.

curly fries johnnys burgers

Ribs | Side Door BBQ

Mount Lawley

The ribs at Side Door BBQ are finger licking good, especially when smothered in their house made espresso BBQ sauce.

Waffles | RoyAl's Chicken & Burgers

Victoria Park and Wembley

It’s tough pickings between the buttermilk fried chicken and bacon waffles and the toasted s’mores waffles at RoyAl’s Chicken & Burgers so, don’t decide, just get both!

Banoffee Jar | Miss Kitty's Saloon


Desserts in jars win us over every time, especially when they’re filled with bananas, praline, whipped cream, crumbled choc wafer swirls and banoffee cream. Good job Miss Kitty’s!

Cobb Salad | Varsity Bar


The token salad of ‘Merica, if cobb salad wasn’t smothered in ranch dressing we wouldn’t have a bar of it. This one from Varsity is loaded with festive greens, corn, carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, celery, red onion, bell peppers and roasted walnuts and is best enjoyed with a large serving of loaded fries.  

Fried Chicken | Meat Candy


Meat Candy does American-style fried chicken best. Served southern, medium or hot style with your choice of a side (get the coleslaw), they have some deeeelish sauces including ranch and blue cheese, yum!

meat candy

Corn Bread | Old Faithful


Gotta love a big serve of cawn brayed (corn bread) and Old Faithful serve theirs with maple butter, even better!

S’mores | Brooklyn Lounge 


Best devoured between two (unless you’re us), the s’mores at Brooklyn Lounge are the Nutella and melty marshmallow sandwiched between two giant choc chip cookies. Get around it!

Lucky Charms | West End Deli


West End Deli Cereal & Sandwich Bar serves up cereal goals. Their Fluffy Bunnies bowl is loaded with lucky charms, malted milk crumble, toasted marshmallows, milo and white chocolate, and will hit you right in the taste buds.

Chicken Wings | Piggy Food Co

North Fremantle

Choose between house BBQ or smoked chipotle sauce and ranch or blue cheese dressing at Piggy Food Co and have a wingin’ good time.

Pretzels | Pretzel Perth


As they say at Pretzel Perth, it’s all good when it comes to pretzels. The guys here serve theirs sweet and savoury. Our faves are the cinnamon and caramel and the pepperoni and melted cheese.

pretzel perth

Hot Dog | Frank'd


Any of the hot dogs from Frank’d will float your boat, but the Snoopy, stuffed with macaroni and melted cheese, is pretty darn glorious. And it’s only 13 dollaridoos (or bucks as they’d say in America)!

Bagel | Satchmo Cafe

North Perth

Whether you like your bagels simple with schmear or loaded with smoked salmon, bacon steak or corned beef, Satchmo have your cravings covered.

Looking for more American goodness in Perth, search The Directory.

Image credit: Elle Borgward and Nancy Hanna

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