Where To Find Halloumi Fries In Perth

By Anna Franklyn - 08 Aug 2017

Just when we thought cheese couldn’t get any better, we found out that halloumi fries are a thing in Perth. Holy cheesus! If you thought halloumi was good grilled with a bit of lemon juice, just wait until you try it crumbed and fried!

Here’s where to find halloumi fries in Perth.

The Resident


This brand new bar in Nedlands is dishing out all sorts of delicious bites, but the halloumi fries are an absolute must try at The Resident (along with their regular fries and sweet potato fries of course).


Food Truck

The good people at Meast heard our requests for halloumi fries in Perth and got right on board the halloumi train—and absolutely nailed it! These sell out quickly wherever this food truck goes, so get in early or you’ll be disappointed!

Bathers Beach House


Want to know what's better than halloumi fries? Eating halloumi fries with a view of the ocean. The halloumi chips at Bather's Beach House are spiced with za'atar and served with harissa yoghurt and chermoula dip. 

V Burger Bar

East Vic Park, Elizabeth Quay And Floreat

You all know V Burger Bar plates up a mean burger, but did you know they also do halloumi bites? And did you know halloumi bites is actually code for crumbed halloumi fingers, AKA halloumi fries?! So next time you’re considering a side of fries with your burger, get the halloumi bites. Did we mention you can get them on UberEats?

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Meast | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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