10 Crazy Sandwiches You Need In Your Life

By Carmarlena Murdaca
19th Dec 2015

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A wise man once told us that change was the only constant... and if you think back to the snoozy Vegemite and butter sandwiches mum would pack us for school ten (okay, maybe fifteen years ago), it's safe to say that even the classic sambo hasn't escaped the craziest of all changes. 

Gone are the days ham and cheese were considered "creative", with Booza ice cream, nachos and even lasagne topping the list of um, toppings. Time to swap salad dressing for sour cream, sauerkraut and the ten sandwich options below...

#1 Katsu Sando, Cafe Oratnek (Redfern) 

Hungover or not hungover, there's nothing we enjoy more than a good pork katsu sando (which is why Cafe Oratnek's super-sumptuous sambo has made it to the top of our list. Thanks to Kentaro Takayama, the former Head Chef at bills, Redfern-goers can expect super-soft bread and finely-sliced cabbage playing home to juiciest pork fillet we've ever eaten (devoured). 

#2 Pork Monster, Monster Rolls (Darlinghurst) 

Wagyu brisket, crumbed chicken and barbecued mushrooms... they certainly don't call these rolls "monster" for nothing. And while the team behind the infamous slow-cooked lamb shoulder baguette believe their toasty buns "taste so good its frightening", the only thing we're scared of, is the addiction we're slowly forming to their carby goodness. 

#3 Bennelong Cheese Toastie, Bennelong (Bennelong Point) 

While many kicked and screamed about Bennelong's $22 Cheese Toastie, we merely rejoiced (because cheese gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy, right?). Full of all the good stuff (five different kinds of cheese and Aussie black truffles), it's safe to say that uber-chef Peter Gilmore gets our toastie tick of approval.

#4 The Nacho Burger, The Tudor (Redfern) 

We love burgers and we love nachos, so what happens when some kind of culinary genius combines the both? Thanks to The Tudor's new Head Chef Nikki Shaw, we no longer have to dream a little dream (because the Nacho Burger is an actual thing in Redfern, guys). 

#5 The Ice-cream Kebab, Thievery (Glebe) 

Okay, so we're cheating a little with this one, but who puts ice-cream in a kebab? The crazy kids at Thievery, that's who. Our mouths still water each and every time we reminisce about the Booza ice cream, rose floss and chocolate pearls which fill the kebabs to conspire over. 

#6 The Crackles Classic, Mr Crackles (Darlinghurst) 

We'll be honest—the first time each and every one of us tried The Crackles Classic, we were shoeless and a few wines down. But take note—trying The Crackles Classic completely sober is about 12,574 more rewarding (because you actually remember the delicious experience 24-hours later). 

#7 The Nutella and Marshmallow Jaffle, Tartine (Mascot) 

Mmmm...marshmallows. Taking "tartine" to another level of gooey goodness, chef and co-owner Anthony Telford and his partner Amy Kirchhoff promise anything but mediocre. Alongside the sensory rollercoaster one experiences after their Nutella and Marshmallow Jaffle, best to try their crazy gruyere, pulled pork or lasagne sandwich combo (yep, you read that right—THERE'S A LASAGNE IN YOUR SANDWICH). 

#8 The Negroni Ice-cream Sandwich, The Powder Keg (Potts Point) 

Slider-style buns with an orange biscuit base paired with negroni-flavoured ice cream and some soft marshmallows to top it all off? Yep, The Powder Keg's Negroni Ice-cream sandwich is a blast in a glass... plate. 

#9 The 'NOT Reuben', Reuben Hills (Surry Hills) 

This sandwich is like the kid that refuses to put on his hat at lunch... but still wants to play. Rebellious Reuben sandwiches, that declare they're not reuben sandwiches (but are filled with wagyu salt brisket, pickled slaw, manchego and horseradish cream?) You be the judge of their 'reuben-ness'. 

#10 Baloney Sandwich, ACME (Rushcutters Bay)

Completely different to the sloppy baloney sandwiches you'd chow down on as a child, Head Chef Mitch Orr's mortadella roll (topped with umami-rich housemade tomato sauce), makes the trip down memory lane all the more worth it.

Why stop at ten? Sink your teeth into the best toasties in Sydney.

Image credit: Daryl Kong at Cafe Oratnek

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